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How can news organizations find funding in the future?

Fewer people are willing to PAY for news. Fewer advertisers support news organizations. In this digital age, what other ways can news organizations bring in revenue to pay for quality journalism?


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Live, in-person events (newsmakers, celebrities...)
•Live, in-person event: ticket sales, sponsors. •Live-stream of event in movie theaters: ticket... more
Guardian (UK) is having success with this; guests: Russell Brand, Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page.
Love this idea. Considering people have already made it clear that they will spend money to see c... more

Marcelo, Cheryl Hayes, Kimberly Exford and 4 more

Further ideas

Pros and cons
Data products
News organizations can play a role in keeping public documents and data public (something that is... more
The Texas Tribune has already successfully monetized their public employee salary database this way.
Newspapers' archive is a very important source of documents for the public interest. Students and... more
by Wahyu Dhyatmika

Marcelo, Wahyu Dhyatmika, Eve Byron and 1 more

Individual "star" correspondents have paid subscribers, who are able to view news through journalist's point of view
Experience war reporting, riots, etc. by looking through correspondent's video live-stream.
"You are there live" news; can envision people paying for this.
"Ick" factor; expose subscribers to live, unfiltered gore in some instances.
Could negatively affect newsroom morale, pitting individuals against each other and reducing inte... more
People do love as-it-happens reporting on breaking news
Reporters take their followers with them when they move a different news organization.
Nicholas Beshiri
"Boutique" print products included in higher sub prices as well as incentives to subscribe. Newspapers could have 12 such products to start, each high quality. Experimentation to find what works, but cater to local demand and utilize both archives and latent newsroom talent.
Gretchen Macchiarella
Mobile app guides for local events/festivals
A paper in the Carolinas does this successfully for their community's St. Patrick's Day festiviti... more
I like the idea of having everything in one centralized area. Makes finding information easier.
Cheryl Hayes
Crowd-funding to pay for specific editorial projects
Can be combined with other sources to pay expense of big news projects, or as stand-alone funding... more
If you don't hit money goal, you get nothing; story dies.
For established news orgs, this can come off as "begging" and damage brand's reputation.
Excellent option for freelance journalists with passion to do a big project.
Pot farms in our mostly vacant parking lots.
by Craig Schmidt
Only works in Colorado and Washington state. ;)
by Steveouting
Oh ... you mean we have to do it legally?
by Craig Schmidt
Eve Byron
Recruit and partner with celebrities to actually report the news.
Sounds silly on the surface as (so briefly) stated, but actually the idea of celebrities as quasi... more
by Steve Outing
great idea!
Kimberly Exford
Create dominant site for new niche (seize opportunity!)
A good example is The Cannabist, a standalone niche editorial site launched by the Denver Post af... more
It isn't easy to find an uncovered, potentially popular & profitable new niche.
Affiliate Marketing Income
Instead of traditional (static display) ads or banner ads, do pay-per-click and affiliate marketi... more
Advertisers increasingly want to pay for performance, not eyeballs. Giving advertisers more bang ... more
Lots of competition for advertising dollars supporting content -- may not be able to make as much... more
You need to set it up as a "click this to read story" to get the click counts necessary to make s... more
Create apps/games based on journalism or even specific news stories. Give people a glimpse into how news comes together.
Since people really like behind-the-scenes coverage, maybe there is a regular event where people ... more
by Lori Shull
Newspapers should increase the value of and revenue from advertising by putting a sem-random sample of classified ads for cars, houses, and other stuff on page 2 that will stimulate their readers' curiosity to look at other advertisements.
by Stanley Krauter
Member-supported newsrooms
Convert pageview/circulation based businesses into conversion businesses (businesses that work by... more
It's not possible for most newsrooms to generate the kind of pageviews that would lead to a profi... more
Have a Zazzle (or whatever) store using illustrations, graphics or even great headlines produced by your staff. It makes some money and promotes the brand. Easy to build in to website.
by Gretchen Macchiarella
This Land Press in Oklahoma produces a twice-monthly printed broadsheet collection of essays/jour... more
PITCH: A news pitching/tip app
by Andrew Doughty - Twitter: @adoughty88
Consumers can pitch various news stories from around the globe that are not being covered by the ... more
Established news outlets provide technology, platform, marketing to small news startups -- in exchange for small stake in new enterprise
by Steve Outing
As established local news media falter, laid-off journalists and others start new digital news op... more
For established news institutions, this takes what is reality anyway and takes advantage of it.
by Steve Outing
Legacy news organizations tend to be awful at collaborating with others. They'd have to get over ... more
by Steve Outing
Mobile App payment system that works much like Starbuck's mobile app: Make a one-time payment of $10 or $5 per month to the app; the app lets you browse your exclusive news site's content; pay per stories as you go using the mobile app credits. POS happens once a month, but you can spend your mon... more
by Luis Gomez - Investigative News Network
A challenge is that news consumers have expectation now of paid content being available across de... more
Recruiting celebrities to report news (elaborated)
by Shelby Jo Fenter
I accidentally posted last time before I explained my idea. Yes, I agree recruiting celebritie... more
The NOW Edition: Social fusion of content and conversation
This is more a Grand Vision than a business model, but I want to break down the silos of 'daily p... more