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Propose a session for Teaching & Technology: Applied & Engaged Learning October 17th @ Brockport (Liberal Arts Building, 1st floor)

Please propose or show interest in breakout sessions by adding ideas, pros/cons, or votes to this Tricider. You may wish to propose any of the following types of breakout sessions (descriptions modified, in part, from AEA 2014):

Lightning Talks - Brief (5-10 minute) presentations about a practical application / lesson plan activity / something else that participants can institute right away (we will combine multiple talks into one breakout session).

Roundtable - Roundtables are oral presentations with discussion with attendees seated around a table. Roundtable presentations typically include 15 minutes of presentation, followed by 30 minutes of discussion and feedback.

Tool Demonstration - Teach your colleagues (in 15-20 minutes) about a tool that you love to use (we will combine multiple demonstrations into one breakout session).

Think Tank -  Focuses on a single issue or question. Initially, a chairperson orients attendees to the issue or question and relevant context. This may include small group exploration of parts of the larger issue or question.

Include the following:

1. Discussion Topic (~ 100 words)

2. Facilitator's Contact Info (Will you be leading the discussion or do we need to find a volunteer)?

Pros and cons
Digital Story Making Tools
by Janet
I would like to lead a tool demonstration for making digital stories with elementary through high... more
Would love to learn a program the students could independently navigate.
by Maureen

Joe, Robin, Linda and 4 more

Information Literacy and the high school to college transition
by Carleen
I was thinking maybe a roundtable format might be good for this.
Great ideas already! Would be excited too to see discussion on utilizing the New Framework for In... more
by Dave

Joe, Mia, Dave and 3 more

Creating online story maps
by Jim
Carleen Lawson
Technology and SUNY COIL (Cooperative Online International Learning) or Technology for collaborating w students from other schools in general
by Alice
Using the American Fact Finder to access the enormous amount of demographic information provided by the census
by Jzollweg
Carleen Lawson