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time is up

Which design should go on our gym floor?

Pros and cons
"Mascot" in the center, block letters on the sides, SWS
by Mary Chind
I prefer the simplicity and punch of the simple mascot logo in the center.
by Adrienne D'Agostino
I love this design overall, but am not a fan of the Smart Women Sweat on the sides. I'm not a fan... more
I like the design, but I too am not a fan of the Smart Women Sweat on the sides.
by Laurie McDonald Fite
My personal favorite. I LOVE SWS!!! Also like the block letters - clear and easy to read, class... more
The "smart women sweat" and the tough-looking Scottish Terrier look traditional while still havin... more
by Emily N. c/o 05
Love the smart women sweat on the side! This slogan is one thing everybody loves about the athlet... more
Not all athletes idetify as a woman even thought they are at a woman's collage. The scottish t... more
Love the Smart Women Sweat! Best design
by Priya Saravanan

Priya Saravanan, DeJa Cornelius, Anna Porter and 69 more

"Primary" logo in the center, block letters on the sides
by Mary Chind
preferred it has the Scottie and the name on both ends and when the other teams are watching they... more
by SSG Thomas Moses
Use a banner with the current slogan "Smart Women Sweat". Slogans do change. Does anyone else ... more
I like the school name, Agnes Scott, in Center Court with the Scottie mascot. This version is ok... more

Kate Wood, Alexandria Moses c/o18, Karen and 51 more

"ASC" center, block letters on sides
by Mary Chind
I like this simpler design. The mascot looks "mad" and a bit harsh.
This design seem least likely to look dated and silly in 10 years.
The mascot looks odd and the SWS saying sounds weird. Maybe write the word "scotties" somewhere t... more
by lauren

Lu Ann Ferguson, Lauren '06, Courtney '04 and 25 more

"ASC" in the center, block letters on the sides, SWS
by Mary Chind
The ASC logo gives the floor a simple clean look.
by Mary Chind
I really think it shouldn't say smart women sweat. Perhaps smart women perspire?
by Lauren
I don't like the typeface used in this new logo; I find it cheesy. It's almost like it's trying t... more
by Emily c/o 2005

Tracy Roussey '93, Lindsay King '04, Eve Cronje and 20 more

"Mascot" in the center, logo on the sides (instead of block letters)
by Mary Chind
Having "Smart Women Sweat" on the floor as well is too much. This design is better.
I like the mascot now, but not sure I will in 10 years. I worry about the longevity of any design... more

Tricia, Aditi, Brittney and 8 more

"ASC" Center, logo on sides
by Mary Chind
I don't know if this is something that can be changed, but the Scottie kind of looks like it has feathers instead of hair. I first thought it was a lion from afar, then a falcon.
Mahnoor Khan