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June 25, 2012 Summary

Reminder: Web 2.0 Project is due next class

Morning Session: Through an example created by Dr. Marcovitz, we saw that creating a short video does not require a lot of time. In the past, incorporating technology was more cumbersome. We also focused on telecollaboration. There are tons of projects on the web at iEARN and ePals. You can create a safe way to have students use email with adjustable filters by using ePals. See Moodle for Dr. Marcovitz's Chapter 9 help with HTML. Remember to save it as a Text Document!

Afternoon Session: We continued to work on HTML coding including the use of lists and tables. We looked at how to put our webpage on the Loyola server (student pages). Kompozer is a website authoring program where you can use HTML or WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). We spent the rest of the time working on individual projects.
Next class: CSS

Pros and cons
by Stacey
Shayna and I were thinking of planning a project that we could actually do between our two school... more
I think this could be a very powerful experience for both of your students and starting small is ... more
by Wes
I came across this website
by Shayna
I dont know how this happened. I must have pressed the enter key!
A telecollaborative idea that I would like to incorporate in my classroom comes from a webinar I watched by one of my favorite teachers and her name is Linda Yollis. She is involved in a project called, "Our World, Our Stories" which is a collaboration of six different schools around the world. T... more
by Wes
I had mentioned collaborating with another school to improve the overall experience of singing in another language. The same could also be true for a band class. Perhaps my class could do a latin song and seek out communication from a Latin American school. We could then offer our advice if th... more
by Tom
Green School
by Kate Mason
Our school was named a green school. To continue our efforts, a telecollaborative project could ... more
My class joins the kindergarten when they learn about community helpers. I was thinking of having the students video their parents talking about or demonstrating their jobs. Then we can connect with another class in a different state or country, and they can share their parent interview videos.... more
by Mollie
I came across this website when I google "telecollaborative projects for Health and Physical Education":http://carolvaage.net/telecollaborative%20projects.htm I like this project about Nutrition they had on the site: /www.nutrition.ecsd.net/ This project helps students become aware healthy ea... more
by Shayna
Our class usually does a compare and contrast essay about American winter holidays and Japanese winter holidays. We usually make up a letter written from a Japanese student about their holiday. Instead of making it up this time, we can actually have our 6th grade Language Arts group connect wit... more
by Leah Noreiga
by Ibby
I was thinking of having my students connect with another classroom in Mexico to learn about and ... more
by Patty
I was thinking that a collaborative project with a class in another ecosystem could be fun. If b... more
What are some other telecollaborative ideas that you could implement into your classroom? Other than the ones that you shared in class.
by Karyn