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Pros and cons
"Peace with ICTs"
by Halyna Kasyan-Dukhovych
The aim of the project is to create with the help of ICT tools different social projects in form ... more
I think it is a very original way to know each other and then to share what links us and not what... more
Halyna Kasyan-Dukhovych
Nadia Moussaoui
“Me, myself and I”
by deniss
Two young, creative and collaborative teachers of English from a picturesque Estonian town would ... more
sabine Jaubert
My students would like to share the things that a normal life of a teenager gives- news, hobbies, creating new things- craft, speacial presents, fashion issues, recipes, etc.
by Jana, CZ
Sabine Jaubert
My school days
by Riina
The students describe their school days. What do they do at school? What subjects do they have? W... more
sabine jaubert
Write only good news!
by Nadia
My students would like to write about what our dailylife offers us as good moments ! They would l... more
Halyna Kasyan-Dukhovych
I Forest
by by Slawomir
Not everywhere in the world ‘forest” has the same meaning. The aim of the project is to show stud... more
School Holidays
by Viktoiia
The project is aimed at students aged 12-15. The idea of the project is to let students speak abo... more
sabine Jaubert
I would like to create a project on general interests, music. art and literature. If it is music, our students. could make presentations about the musician and sing or play the music on some musical instrument. It will be both educational and very fun.
by Lilia
Charakters in books
by Michaela Linková
I would like to work with books. Children will chooce a book and during the reading they will wri... more
Motivate students to learn and have more fun while learning
by Ivana
My idea is to motivate the students to learn and to have more fun while learning English. I would... more
Our heroes
by Tiina
Children who will participate in project will be aged between 12-13 years. In this age they will ... more
Speaking characters for education
by Eva
Our pupils love to communicate, especially using various social networks and applications that ar... more
How climate influence us.
by Martin
The aim of the project is to provide students with the occurrence of the differences in climate i... more
How climate influence us
by Martin
The Ghosts' stories
by Liga
The project idea is to write the Ghosts's stories (my students choice), collect them in one digit... more
"We love chemistry!"
by Monika
The best way to teach children it is involved them directly in studying experiments, discovering ... more
Tell us about your project....
by Amanda R. Debattista
Click on 'Add an Idea', and write about the project you would like to register during this semina... more

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