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Talk about England

Pros and cons
Being at the University
by Russell
SU is a nice place to talk with my friends.
All the teachers are quite marvellous!
The teachers are lovely.
I love teachers in this centre.
I love teachers of Warwick University.
I love the class and all teachers!
I think Warwick University is very nice! I like my life here:)
We have many chances to see new friends!
Student Union is very useful place to talk with friends:)
I love all classes because I can learn education and English.
There should be more power socket in SU.
The places you have visited
by Russell
I love London, it is lovely city:)
I like Bath. The town is very lovely.
I love Seven Sisters so much!
I love Stratford-upon-Avon.
I've visited Liverpool. I like there very much! Especially, The Beatles Story is my favorite.
Stratford upon Avon was so lovely place.
I visited Oxford and went to Alice shop. It was very lovely:D
I went to London and watched the musical Mamma mia!
English people
by Russell
English men are gentle to women!
Many of them are quite kind!
English people love talking.
English people like watching TV! They usually stay in front of TV.
They start talking with strangers everywhere.
They like football very much!!
They like joking, really funny!
Your host family
by Russell
Host mother's dishes are so delicious!
My host sisters and brother are so lovely!
My host mother loves chatting with me!
My host mother is a lovely person.
Pets are cute!
Sometimes, my host mother gets angry for me x(
My host sister is very cute!
The food
by Russell
I think fish and chips is very delicious!
My host mother's cooking is very good, I think. I love her cooking :)
I like English food. My host mother is good at cooking.
I don't like oily food in England;(
Potato potato, beans and potato...
Actually I thought British food is a little heavy.However, I like British food:)
I don't like kidney pie and rice pudding;(
Sometimes, they cook me much amount of dinner...
I like Japanese restaurants in England.
Because of heavy English food, I got weight...
Being away from home
by Russell
I miss my family and the seasons in England
I miss Japanese food.
I miss my families and friends.
I could find my new aspect, maybe!
I want to see my friends in Japan.
It's valuable experience!
This experience make me strong!
Actually when I came here, I got homesick for a while.
I miss my family and friends:(
The language
by Russell
It's difficult for me to remember new English words:(
My host mother speaks fast, so sometimes I can't understand what she said.
Scottish accent is quite difficult for me to understand!
I'm often worried about my host mother and her daughter's conversation. It's quite fast for me.
I become happy when I can understand what people say and express my feeling in English.
I'm not good at listening. I'll do my best to improve my listening skill rest of UK life.
The weather
by Russell
There are much rain in England.
At first, it was very very cold... I was surprised!
There is no day without umbrella.
It is terrible weather.
I don't like rain.
Today when I go to school, suddenly I caught heavy rain.
I'm sensitive to the heat, not so bad.
Quite heavy rain, but still Britain has a shortage-water problem.
I think the weather of England is cooler than that of Japan.
The most important lesson from your trip
Don't trust timetable!
Don't forget your umbrella.
Don't bring heavy luggage!!
Make reservations for hotels or trains as soon as possible.
Don't forget to charge the battery of your camera.

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