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Why do we need to include the use of technology in English language teaching?

Add your reasons + pros and cons.

Pros and cons
comprehending meaning from many "text forms" which of course now include digital
it provides choice and preference which can also encourage motivation
the "metalanguage" the student has to go through while accomplishing tasks improves their digital... more
by @ariascarm
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gra, @MELGAR, @alequaglia and 3 more

There are new genres of communication that students need to master in English
students need extra time to master these new genres
by @MahmoodHosni
They already know more about technology than we ever will, mastering comes easily to them and it ... more
by Lea S
It depends. It depends on why they are learning English and what they want to achieve. AIr traff... more
by Pete M
The new genres are the norm of the future. Of course they need to learn them.
Techonlogy helps students develop autonomous learning skills
by Dani
Education has no time and place so mobile phones may serve 24-hour education for students.
by mehmurti
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Jordanjones, Cecilia L, GhulamRasool and 1 more

Digital literacy is as important as our students' ability to use English
technology is as good as the use we make of it
by @chebbilaam
What has that got to do with English Language Teaching? If digital literacy is important it shoul... more
Everything. Would you say that about the printing press? One must learn the tool well enough so ... more
Not everyone has to learn how to operate a printing press in order to be able to read and/or write.
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Jordan Jones, Marty, Ricard Garcia and 1 more

Technology can offer opportunities for genuine social interaction
it creates authentic and meaningful interaction within and outside the classroom
by @chebbilaam
So can old fashioned face to face conversation. Again it depends. An awful lot of what teavhers c... more
by Pete M
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teaching becomes more flexible, varied and unpredictable
by @chebbilaam
Technology allows for differentiation and personalization of learning
by hseslteacher
Can be used to spice up a coursebook if used well.
by Helen (Spain)
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Mrs Black
Learners need input from English speakers other than their teacher; technology helps provide richer input
by @whyshona
there's lots of examples of 'bad english' on the internet too. Teachers need to be able to check ... more
by agata_biernat
I am a teacher not the language police. It is my job to teach the language not morals.
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Collaborations, through digital means, improves engagement and enrichment = enjoyment and greater chance of learning
by @BobToms100
this is true if collaboration is guided
when the task is properly challenging and motivating, if it is not engagement won't be greater.
Sharing a Google Doc for group essay is so much easier that students in my class "engage" in the ... more
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Mrs Black
We need to include technology in the English Language teaching because we are living in the digital world.
by GhulamRasool [PAKISTAN]
We can not cop up with the world.
by GhulamRasool
Teachers of school age kids in academies need to be careful not to overwhelm and therefore demoti... more
by Helen (Spain)
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Jordan Jones
Technology helps students develop autonomous learning skills according to their abilities, needs, learning preference, and prior knowledge.
by Dani Nassif (Lebanon)
Yes and also gives them control of their own learning. In many cases they are taking this on for ... more
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We don't :-)
What we need to do is adapt our teaching to our students needs. There are plenty of reasons why t... more
by Pete M
Using technology doesn't mean we have to use it in class. The greatest value it has is in its abi... more
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Because technology is a part of daily life (for work, for play, for study) in the real world.... and Education should be about preparing kids for success in that world.
by Graeme Hodgson (Brazil)
Because it can help our learners to become more autonomous
Technology turbocharges our culture.
by @rgibralter
Technology accelerates the proliferation of emerging cultures but the flow of information is stil... more
by @ecTalkIELTS
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