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What do you want from a digital coursebook for EFL / ESL?

Pros and cons
The ability to personalise their journey through the materials
Nope. I think personalising the journey is extremely important but it can be achieved just as wel... more
I disagree with the comment above. A digital course book has the potential to deliver unique and ... more
I disagree, too. Giving learners the option to personalise content is motivating. In some context... more
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zümrüt çimeli, Vicky S, Sue Lyon-Jones and 11 more

Practice activities that give students feedback and tell them what they got wrong
Think feedback is an essential component, if you are proposing materials to use for self-study. B... more
This seems like a pipedream. How many publishers are investing the effort to observe what student... more
I disagree with the comment above. IMO, online activities without feedback have limited (if any) ... more
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zümrüt çimeli, Vicky S, Sue Lyon-Jones and 9 more

Lots of embedded video clips.
Context. EfL materials tend to be populated by charaters that live and die within a dialogue - of... more
I'm going to vote against this because of technical considerations, i.e. later versions of softwa... more
technical points can always be solved out, even if/when they occur, you can get help online from... more
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zümrüt çimeli, vjanez, Vicky S and 9 more

A large selection of text audio and video on a wide range of topics
I think we need less quantity and more quality.
It's very easy to get access to video on hundreds of topics through TED or YouTube, and I think s... more
My vote goes for more quality and less quantity, too.
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zümrüt çimeli, Vicky S, Sandy Millin and 6 more

A range of interactive activity types to practice manipulating language from the texts
Nice in theory but I haven't seen much of a range offered so far. Publishers have had limited bud... more
Online games can sometimes be boring and predictable, but I wouldn't say that always applied.. if... more
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zümrüt çimeli, Vicky S, Sue Lyon-Jones and 5 more

The ability to chat and interact with other students from around the world using the same materials
This would be very motivating, especially if cultural awareness was somehow built into the course... more
Why use an online coursebook rather than something like Cafe Mocha?
Think this would be motivating, too. Sites like Live Mocha are great for learners to use in their... more
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zümrüt çimeli, Sue Lyon-Jones, Paul b and 5 more

add some project-making task : ability to create their own video Q-A-Criticism booths for their friends/other students, then to get extra marks from the teacher
by zümrüt çimeli
Include rubrics for each project
by Josh Hooper
I'm a big fan of projects, but I don't see how an ebook would make the experience better or worse.
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Sibel Mutlu, Mary Adams, John Henderson and 4 more

Ability to be edited by end users, e.g. to remove potentially inappropriate content, adapt texts, videos, tasks.
This is important. Local markets can be catered to in ways that were never possible before.
I agree, with the caveat that such changes should go through some kind of review process. If ther... more
by Xavier Bensky
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Xavier Bensky, Sue Lyon-Jones, Sandy Millin and 3 more

The ability to enter 3D roleplay simulations to practice situational language
Could such a function be linked to something like Second Life to set up the role-play?
If students are turned on by virtual worlds, why not direct them to good video game sites where t... more
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zümrüt çimeli, Paul b, lola and 3 more

Animated time lines to help students understand tenses
Can we make sure they are not misunderstood by using CCQS that accompany timelines?
I think animations are powerful - though I would be sorry to see them limited to time lines.
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Paul b, faten, Erika Osvath and 2 more

Links and descriptions for students where they can find self-study material on the net, online dictionaries, picture dictionaries, and other resources such as peer-to-peer sites where they can meet native speakers (ie. Busuu, Second Life, Live Mocha etc.)
by Heike Philp
There are rich sources on the net to which the students can be introduced to through a digital ES... more
Agree, provided that links that changed or became obsolete could be edited out or removed.
You wouldn't need things like live mocha because they could be built in to the book so you networ... more
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Ann Foreman
Sue Lyon-Jones
zümrüt çimeli
Graded tasks and a "journey" to complete , e.g to move to level 2 students have to do all level 1 tasks correctly, and the same to pass to level 3, like a videogamemo
by Daniela Tomatis
This a a dream I've had for many years. if only we could. I don't think traditional EFL publisher... more
Dont ya think that could be discouraging when one had mistakes as few as,lets say, one ! ? why no... more
by zümrüt çimeli
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Ann Foreman
Xavier Bensky
zümrüt çimeli
A combination of digital and hard copy of book would enable LD students to access text assist programs to hear the text, enter text into academic word list tools and for teachers to screen a page on overhead projector
Pronunciation training that goes beyond simple shadowing and actually analyzes your speech (audio analysis, and perhaps even camera-based analysis of mouth movements), and gives you interactive feedback to correct problems.
by Xavier Bensky
I would like to see publishers offering chunks of content or learning objects using a common standard so that teachers or students could use a coursebook app to select content from a range of publishers to create their own coursebooks for their students.
Follow best practices adding tech where appropriate, but don't get carried away and let the tech take over. Our students are there to communicate with other human beings and they should be the focus of our lessons