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Ask Us Anything

Ever wanted to ask an LGBTQ-related question but felt silly? Well this is your chance! Keep it classy and clean and we’ll give you nothing but realness.

Please add your name in case we need clarification. Also, please feel free to upvote any of your favorite questions.

Pros and cons
What is the best way to express and provide support to the JSC LGBTQ community as an ally throughout the year?
by Irene Chan
I usually express my support through maintaining meaningful friendships with folks that identify ... more

Guest, Terri B, M and 4 more

I was raised in a household where my sisters and I had a gay mother in the 70s and my uncle was a beautiful drag queen. One of the most brought up questions to my mom and uncle were "are you worried you will raise gay kids? Now, remember, we are talking about the 70s :) To all those still having ... more
by Victoria Govreau

Terri B, Lea H, Rob B. and 2 more

What are some things that Cis people say that they don't mean to be offensive, but are actually hurtful?
Did anyone get to attend the How to be a Trans Ally talk on 6/23? I tried but it was full. If someone was able to attend, or if they just know the answer, can you share what we can do to be a better Trans ally?
by Jen M
Cindy L
Lea H
This was going to be my first PRIDE and I have been trying to get involved with all of the virtual events but feel like I'm not getting the "full" first experience. I guess my imagination ran away again... but to the question. Is there anyone who can talk to their first PRIDE parade/experience an... more
Lea H
I have only recently "joined" the PRIDE community and I use the quotation marks because I've only really told my friends. It’s not really that I don't want to tell my family (or I don't think they will be accepting) I just know it will be hard for them to understand. What advice do you have for p... more
Rob B.
So, I first learned about what I identify as at the begin of college (about 6 years ago) and it has taken me a while to come to terms with using that as how I would like to identify. I know that everyone comes out in their own time and has to do it when it is best for them. However, if anyone wer... more
Are there any relationship/orientation questions, statement, or actions at work that made you uncomfortable? If so, how do you wish the situation may have gone otherwise?
For the Trans community, I suppose: When you transitioned, how did you choose your new name? What was that experience like, giving yourself your own name verses going with what was given to you at birth?
Hello,I identify as ACE/Bi-romantic and I have not been using the terms very long. Growing up I never really felt all that different from straight people until the term asexual came up beginning of college and I realized that people genuinely were feeling something I was not. Due to this still be... more
Is there anything JSC could be doing to make NASA the best place to work for LGBTQ people?