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Distinguishing CPS

It is very important to have clarity on what constitutes a Cyber-Physical System (CPS) and particularly what distinguishes it from other technology domains such as Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things.

With respect to this, we wish to ask for your feedback on the presentation here:

In particular feedback for the two slides outlined below. However feel free to add other slides you wish to comment on (ideas for next steps welcome in the comments sections). Please use your name and organisation when voting or providing arguments.

For more discussions, see platforum.proj.kth.se. This initiative provides feedback to the European Commission.

Pros and cons
Slide 4-Key functions of a CPS
by Charles
One aim here is to provide the ability of the General Public and Policy Makers to easily identify... more
At a workshop, the term "Energy" was questioned by a participant. Another participant noted EPoSS... more
by Charles Robinson (Thales)
In response to using only "Energy" - it is intended to cover all aspects for a CPS related to Ene... more
by Charles Robinson (Thales)
Charles Robinson (Thales)
Slide 8-Levels of complexity for CPS Engineering
by Charles
For the CPS Engineering Community it is also important to have clear and solid ground on which to... more
Charles Robinson (Thales)