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time is up

3rd Bell: How do you envision your lifestyle by the time you are 30 years old? Think about jobs, marriage, money, home, car, and kids.

Pros and cons
i think im gonna have a good job as a firefighter, have a strong marriage,have a decent amount of money,have a 2 story home,have a truck,have 2 kids
by Brayden D

no one, TAy, kayla and 1 more

i think that i will be most likely married and probably have 1 or 2 kids, decent money,and a well paying job a nice house for me and my family and at least 2 cars
by nevaeh

Sienna, kayla, Addyson and 1 more

I think that i will be married and have 5 kids at that time, i think that i will be wealthy with a nice decent size home, i think i will have a motorcycle and maybe a truck, a lot of pets, and i am hoping that i can get some sort of job that pays well and be a professional beatboxer
by Zien Alicea ^v^
Madison - good luck ^^
Zien Alicea
At the age of 30 i will not be married i'll have enough to pay for bills, and wants and needs. I will have 2 story house and a good driving car and 2 kids and a nice career.
by Tayveon
Madison :)
I dont envision having kids hopefully but i do hope to be married. I hope to be a vet and if not i hope to have a good paying job. Hopefully i have a bank account with money in it for emergency. I also hope to have a home an car that is well functioning. Thats all i think :)
by Madison :)
I argue that mine is the best clearly
by Not me :)
Not myself totally-
When i'm thirty I hope and plan to be a veterinarian helping as many animals as possible, I don't want to get married but if I do get married i'll be fine, I will save up money so I can buy my wants and needs, When i'm older I want to live van life and become a travel vet helping places short on ... more
by Kayla Harrison
Brayden D
i will have a job as a pro swim coach 110,000 a year i will have 2 kids and a wife an i will have a mazda iata
by Logan
I hope i am finished with my school and i have my own business with manufacturing, i will have a husband and two kids with a medium sized house and two cars
by Trinity cline
Im going to be in a apartment in New York working as a medicle examiner I am financially stabled and I might be married with a nice car thats not too expensive and not cheap. No kids.
by Sienna H.
im thinking about working at a store like a cashier , i would like to get married but i dont know yet , i want a stable amount of money but i dont want to be filthy rich but i dont want to be poor on money i want to be in an in between stable area with my money , i want a nice decently small 2 st... more
by carah lee
i would like to live in a normal medium-sized house, i will work in IT or something involving computer type stuff, i hope i will be married, i will have enough money to pay bills and stuff and have enough for my things, i would like a nice car, and i don't want kids
danny stewart
At the age or 30 i will have at least 2 kids and i would be married and i would maybe be a softball coach or some type of physical sport. I also would have no animals but i might have a fish.
by Chloe Simmons
Chloe Sander
When I am 30 years old I can see myself in a modern mid sized home up by the lake in my hometown. By then I can see myself married right out of college after finishing my doctorates degree to become a sports medicine physical therapist. I will most likely have at most one kid by then, maybe anoth... more
by Chloe Sander
Chloe simmons
with a job having to do something with sports in a home like mine with a family and 2 to 3 cars
by Percie
By the time I'm thirty I'm hoping I'll have a visual arts degree of some sort. Hopefully I'll have a s/o by the time I'm thirty. With the job I'm gonna have (hopefully that falls in the category of visual arts) if it's an artist I will sell my art and make a profit off of that, hopefully get some... more
by Danielle
I think that win I am 30 I will have a good job and a home that is good for me.I will have a car that get me places and a car that i like I dont known about being married maybe and the same thing for kids i dont known if I will have kids.
by charles
I think by that time I would have a stable job, probably be married, have a steady income, live in a home, have at least one car, and maybe have a kid.
by Jack
I have a job in automotive i would have a small one story home with a truck i would have some money to spend on thing i need no kids 1 dog
by Zachary
electrician, hopefully, a pretty good amount, 2,000+ sq ft, a fast one, 1 or 2.
by Jake B
i think that i will not be married ,i will have a good job , i will how enough money to buy me food pay my bills and some extra money to save, have a cheap car have kids and a dog have a home good enough
by adrian
Ill have a job a house maybe a kid and probably married
by Addyson
a job that deals with animals, sure, yes, nice home and nice car, maybe
by Brayden S.