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Discussion topics for the 2018 Whisper Workshop

The key theme for the 2017 workshop is research communication.
+ Creating and sustaining channels of communication.
+ How to encourage #circleofniceness and personal learning networks.
+ Practical insights into effective communication..

We set the topics for Whispercon through an 'unconference' voting process, so that things that most people are interested in can float to the top.

For this to work, please add any topics that you would like to talk about, or hear about. If you think of a topic, please add it here by 15 May 2018. You can suggest topics that you would like other people to talk about, but maybe check with them first.

The format for a discussion is up to you. You can provide a standard presentation with overheads (but leave lots of time for questions). You can lead a discussion. You can do something with a friend, or go it alone.

Once all the suggestions are in, we will vote for the ones that we want to hear about. In mid-May 2018, I will write to everybody to remind them to review the whole list and vote for the topics that they like the best. We will close of voting in mid-June 2018.

We will use the votes to construct the timetable for the day. If you are presenting, I should be letting you know by the end of June 2018 (if all goes to plan).

Image: Teoría de los Tres Mundos según Karl Popper, by Cuman14 on Wikimedia Commons, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tres_Mundos.jpg

Pros and cons
Strategies for creating institutional change
by Inger Mewburn
There is a lot of well meaning research about how to do things better (support researchers, get m... more

Shainal Kavar, Lisa Godinho, Divya Das and 3 more

Does good science communication require cultural intelligence?
by Lisa Godinho
Good science communicators and educators must know their audience/students, but how do cultural f... more

Shainal Kavar, Kath, Jen Martin and 3 more

Research Impact is not (can't be?) measured by 'scholarly citations'
by Terry Mulhern

Karen Hutchings, Inger Mewburn, Jen Martin and 3 more

Research comms 'internships'
by Tseen Khoo
Industry internships and other WIL programs are rife in the HDR space right now, given the push t... more

Jonathan Laskovsky, Divya Das, Kath and 3 more

Micro-patronage as research communication
by Jonathan O'Donnell
It takes enormous effort to build a following on micro-patronage sites like Patreon. However, tho... more

Karen Hutchings, Lareen Newman, Divya Das and 3 more

#circleofniceness how do we make it happen?
by Narelle Lemon
WhisperCon community unpacking of strategies in how we facilitate a mutually respectful conversat... more

Shainal Kavar, Jonathan Laskovsky, Divya Das and 2 more

A corporate perspective on communication channels, informal learning networks and niceness.
by Shainal Kavar
As a leader in a large corporate business, I am happy to share the various channels of communicat... more

Lareen Newman, Kath, Jonathan O'Donnell and 1 more

How to Encourage Earlier and/or Better Grant Preparation
by Lareen Newman
Some (many?) academics are notorious for leaving their grant writing until pretty close to submis... more

Karen Hutchings, Divya Das, Narelle Lemon and 1 more

Creating sticky webs (Not about Pokémon!)
by Divya Das
I'm interested in hearing about ideas for making and, more importantly, sustaining strategic conn... more
Jonathan O'Donnell
Lareen Newman
Scholarship is frequently undefined and conflated with or seen to be synonymous with research. This is especially so in the domain known as the ‘Scholarship of Teaching and Learning’ (SoTL). This in turn has some consequences for the quality of research outputs but also for the role of scholarshi... more
by Ian Solomonides
How is scholarship promoted as an essential feature of learning communities?
Jonathan O'Donnell
Lareen Newman
Utilising the online brains trust
by Rohan Long
Social media has opened up a new sphere of two-way communcation for researchers. How do we best c... more
Tseen Khoo
Corporate expectations of new graduates / new hires with a specific emphasis on communications
by Shainal Kavar
We've seen a huge shift in how organisations want to consume information that is relevant to thei... more
Hi Shainal - I think there might be fruitful cross-overs in what we are both interested in here (... more
by Tseen
Research comms
by Jonathan Laskovsky
Strategies for communicating externally about great research and how to use this to get buy in fr... more