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Social science librarianship for social justice
by Alena McNamara
How can we incorporate professional values like diversity, inclusion, and social justice into how... more
Very important and a hot topic in library literature. May also relate to service and research for... more

Jess, Heidi, Julie-Ann and 12 more

Further ideas

Pros and cons
What should a new social sciences librarian know?
by Stephanie Crowe
What knowledge, skills, abilities are helpful for new social sciences librarians? What new challe... more
Very broad. Could we narrow it, or at least have someone very skilled at facilitating or experien... more
Perhaps Social Sciences Team managers could use job descriptions for recent positions at their in... more
by Jennifer

Jennifer, Jess, Julie-Ann and 11 more

Build capacity for our own research agendas
by Martha Kelehan
What is holding us back from conducting research? Time? Skills? Institutional support?
Talking about institutional support and having the resources and time for research, etc., could t... more

Jennifer, Rebecca, Vicki and 6 more

Truly open access
by Iris Jahng
Does open access necessitate, when applicable, open data? What about open source? If not, shoul... more

Jess, Heidi, Vicki and 4 more

Teaching reproducible research practices in the social sciences
by Ryan Clement
Tools such as R (and various packages such as tidyverse, packrat, and RStudio's "projects") make ... more

Alena McNamara, Vicki, Tracy J and 3 more

Data refuge contributions from smaller places
by Martha Kelehan
How can we contribute to saving data if we are at an institution not scaled to hold huge data ref... more
At smaller institutions it might be a more feasible project. Timely topic right now too.

Winn, Heidi, Ryan and 1 more

Collecting student and faculty data
by Jennie Murack
How do we collect it systematically? Who creates metadata? How do we store and share it?
Potentially contending with issues around IRB
by Ann Cullen
Ann Cullen
Linda Rosen
Tracy J
Data librarianship for the non-data librarian
by Heidi
I find myself struggling to even know where to begin to start to develop expertise in data servic... more
ICPSR is a great resource for learning about data curation and management in the social sciences ... more
by Jennifer
Traditional peer-review models are too slow
by Adam Williams
Do pre-print services and open data platforms allow researchers to iterate experiments faster and... more
This seems to be a timely, important topic. Perhaps we could also discuss some of the issues pose... more
Citation analysis services (bibliometric data services) for faculty and students
by Jennifer