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If you want to ask ME a question, please use this thread.

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I'll try to answer small questions on my Facebook page, so be sure to follow it: https://www.facebook.com/YutaAokiOfficial

Pros and cons
Hi, I always worried how Japanese people view Chinese people? I'm working hard in school because I want to move to Japan but I'd like to know beforehand how I might be treated. I am a Chinese-American and I have had Japanese people mistake me for being Japanese as it is. So I already know that... more
by H
I can't find how to edit but I forgot to add, would being Chinese-American effect my job opportun... more
by H
Your question is quite intersting. http://thediplomat.com/2013/08/china-and-japan-really-dont-... more
by S

Danny, kai, ADI and 9 more

I was wondering what kind of clothes do Japanese people like on opposite genders? Like what guys ... more

Thomas, pucca, Ace and 2 more

Topic suggestion: Does Japan's younger generation of males tend to have the mindset of the older generation(s) when it comes to extra-marital relationships? I believe that mindset to be: husbands definitely have affairs, while wives definitely do not. Do most younger Japanese men expect that they... more

HMS, Alex, Chrystal and 2 more

Topic: What things do girls do that you think are really cute?
What gives you 胸キュン?? (笑)
I remember reading something vaguely similar here once. https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/commen... more
for interview topic it sounds good !
Interview questions should go here: http://goo.gl/JoRspm
by Yuta
Do Japanese girls like beards and moustaches?
by Malcolm
That video is bad and the guy is a attention seeking douchebag. I'd rather hear what Yuta has to ... more
by D
I want to know. I can have a very thick dark beard if I let it grow... I would imagine it would c... more
by Dennis
Hello, I live in a quiet city and was wondering.. where are the best places to meet Japanese people apart from bars? They seem to be very conservative and prefer to be with friends they have known for a long time
I would also like to know. But I think find activities to do, sports, martial arts etc. I've hear... more
by Dennis
Moving to Japan!
by Miss H
Hello Yuta! First of all, I love your videos! They are so informative about Japanese culture and ... more
I am also from the UK and want to go to live in Japan! Here is a forum post I found that might he... more
by Callum
Tom Harrison
Whats the best way to learn Japanese and speak it fluently
by Geno
I found a good course on Udemy, it was 35 british pounds, but is currently on offer for £21, here... more
by Callum B
Tom Harrison
Tourists with tattoos in Japan
Hi, Yuta! I've watched several of your videos on YouTube and I find them very entertaining and ed... more
Do you expect/hope for your girl to cook for you? What's your dream meal for her to prepare for you?
How I should start learning japanese?
by Cristina
I want to move from Spain to Japan after I finish my degree in chemistry, because of that I want ... more
The best way is to learn everything at the same time. Use anki or wanikani (not free but very goo... more
I'll agree with that, you should start several ways at once but at the very first learn quickly h... more
by martin
Vi Corintia
I would like to know what's considered cheating in Japan? I've been asked to go out for coffee by a married co-worker. But im not sure what to make of it. Im not japanese so i don't really mind but how is it from a japanese perspective? I clearly do not want any misunderstanding by other j co-wor... more
If you're thinking about it, then it's probably best not to go out for that coffee.
by Hachiko
Topic suggestion: Anything about chatting with the LINE app!
by Anon
For example teaching good Japanese phrases to use or asking on the street "what do you think when... more
Interview questions should go here: http://goo.gl/JoRspm
by Yuta
Nerly Saint-Fleur
I plan to visit japan in a few months, I was hoping to find somewhere online where I could meet new friends before going, so that I have interesting people to meet up with. Are there any such places online? Thanks!
by Joe (joeblack949@gmail.com)
Meetup.com is a good choice. or Please look for Tabian.co A friend of mine is organizing trips... more
by A L
Anson Lai
Hey Yuta! Is there any way to watch your videos without English attached? I am deeply engaged with the immersive experience and trying to avoid using English as a crutch. Do you have an alternate channel or some way to take out the subtitles? Thanks very much!
by Chris
Yes, if you support me on Patreon, you will have access to the uncut footage without subtitles. Y... more
by Yuta
In America we have a strong dating culture that includes a lot of sex. Does Japanese dating culture permit sex before marriage with someone you have just met recently?
by Pierre
People of Japan also have sex at an young age. You may not really know because A) you don't live ... more
by UH HUH.
It does permit it. Most places do. But seeing as Japan is not a christian country historically th... more
What are the guidelines for addressing people that are your senior, in Japan? Is it impolite, for example, for a young man to refer to an elderly lady as obaasan, even if they are not aquainted? Is it more polite, as it is in western culture, to refer to them with a title that suggests a younger ... more
by J
how do sumo wrestlers get the girls, also how does that work physically?
by imani
by the way i think fat japanese women are attractive and cute just as much as slim ones are so if... more
a nice guy
Working in Japan with a BA in Japanese Studies
by Jordan
I am thinking about studying Japanese Studies in order to learn the japanese language as well as ... more
Do Japanese people use バ or ヴァ for VA (vi,vu,ve,vo)?
by David
Sometimes I just see バ. For example... I play a japanese android game where they write "event" ... more
It's easy to find a job if you are a foreigner?
by Vi Corintia
I want to work in a chemical laboratory but I don't know if being a foreigner will be an impedime... more
Vi Corintia
I am a transgender man hoping to move to Japan when I graduate.
I was born female, and I take testosterone prescribed from my doctor. I have had top and bottom ... more
Hi, from the languages you've learnt, which one proved more difficult?
And which one do you like the most and why?
What are the basic phrases a foreigner should know before coming to Japan?
by Jade J.
hentai, which means beautiful
Hi Yuta, my name is Bonnie and i'm an undergraduate student in Canada. I'm applying for an exchange abroad in Japan and I cant decide where I want to go! My university has partner agreements with Nagoya University, Waseda University and Keio University. At first, I was set on Nagoya University be... more
by Bonnie
Aim to go to Tokyo University 東大 it's apparently very good, I am Japanese but can't read Kanji we... more
It looks like this channel is just stealing your videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg1hV91wVLbJequAsM7fdIg/about
by Report them?
I have reported them - Go to their channel, go to about, then click the flag - report for imperso... more
by Reported their channel
Hi Yuta, I already posted this once but I can't seem to find my previous post. I am interested in learning Japanese and recently discovered your YouTube channel, which is very interesting. I subscribed to your email lessons but was wondering if you could suggest any books, websites, apps, etc. th... more
by Degan
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I've heard you say before that certain sources teach Japanese in ... more
by Degan
Concerts in Japan
by Lasse Madelung
Hi Yuta. My name is Lasse and my friend and I are travelling to Japan in March next year. While w... more
You can buy concert tickets at a convenience store like 7 and iholdings on touch screen displays.... more
Hi, I'm a black guy and I'm aware that Japan is rather xenophobic. an insular country. I was wondering two things: 1) would it be better for me to admire the culture from afar in my mudhut or 2) if I can visit Japan, which districts would be best for a black tourist? I don't want to be killed or ... more
by Ventus
Yes, you can and should visit Japan if you are able. Japanese people are very kind to foreigners... more
Do Japanese prefer white gaijins as a friend rather than Asian gaijin or African gaijin?
I am rather curious about this one. It would be interesting to hear what they say and hopefully t... more
I think you will get a lot of viewers on this one. An insight on Japanese and race relations.
Everyone is different and taste is subjective. At the end of the day I don't think anyone would o... more
by Dennis
Opinion on dutch people
by G_Ckx
Hello! Ive been watching alot of your video's on youtube. Its really interesting to watch. The th... more
How to discuss potentially controversial topics in a healthy way
by HS
I have been dating a Japanese guy here in the US for a few months now (he is basically a salaryma... more
What do Japanese people think of foreigners with difficult to pronounce/unusual names?
by Roisin
I was wondering if Japanese people have much of a it's time with foreigners with a difficult to p... more
What do you think of the Duolingo's way to teach japanese ( it's an application that teach all popular languages )
In Japan it is customary not to wear your outdoor shoes in the house/school but in other countries this is not always the case. Does this cause you anxiety when you go abroad and see people wearing outdoor shoes indoors? How much? Are there other activities which are considered social taboos in J... more
by Wes
In a recent Life Where I'm From topic, Greg and Aiko were discussing the differences between Japa... more
how to approach a japanese woman alone
by daniel
hi yuta, i've lived a shut in live(otaku by force) for quite a while and then became a english te... more
Hello Yuta, I am portuguese, never been to Japan and there are 2 things I really need someone with an inside perspective to tell me: 1- are there still Danas ("sponsor") in Japan? Can a woman get a Dana? How does that work? (not sure you are familiar with the term ...) 2- I have read online th... more
by Rea
*Sorry, hit enter too early. I saw on your FB page that you were requesting recordings of different accents for a video. This is probably a bit late, but I was curious if you were still accepting recordings?
by J
I hope this is the right place to ask this question?
Studying and living in Japan.
by Brandon
HI Yuta, I'm a Senior this year in high school and I'm studying welding and was also wanting to s... more
Adult Foreigners
by Nagoja Monster
Hi I ve been thinking a lot about moving to Japan as i am 18 years old Polish. I kind of realize... more
I'm currently a student living in Australia. I have a really strong interest in Japan; from it's culture to anime, and really want to try and learn Japanese and live there for some part of my life. My main questions is what is the best way to start learning the Japanese language and how I should ... more
Creating names in Japanes for things that may not exist in Japanese culture.
by IvSe
I'd like to know why not (of if it is already done) creating words in Japanese of things that may... more
please ask people their views about HIV / AIDS. Their is very little information about how the Japanese feel about this topic.
by Paul
Hello! I'm interested in dating Japanese men, but I don't know where to start. I'm American Vietnamese. Do you know a good site for Japanese online dating perhaps?
by Caroline
I also live in Okinawa at the moment. I might be moving to mainland soon enough.
Are japanese people really workaholics
by Robin
I wonder if the majority really are workaholics and look down on you if you aren't.
Charater Writing [Writing or Practicing Japanese Characters]
by Lachlan
Hi, I was woundering if I could get suggestions for ways to improve my handwriting when it comes ... more
Getting a haircut in Japan
by Matt
Should a Western man style his hair and facial hair to match Japanese styles? Would having a Japa... more
Samurai Jack(American Cartoon)
by KabutoRider
I always wonder if Samurai Jack is popular in Japan. Samurai Jack is really successful cartoon in... more
Japanese Imperialism
by Dennis
Hi, Yuta! I am researching for a presentation about japanese imperialism for my history advanced... more
Hello, Yuta. Could you please tell me if the image fettered to this question is the genuine Japanese symbol for ''luck''? It's supposed to be for a tattoo and I prefer to avoid the undesired situation where I discover the symbol means something else entirely. Thank you so much.
by CodyHunter1993
Hey Mr.Yuta, my name is Denis and I am an 18 year old student living in Florida! This summer, before starting university, I plan on going to Japan for around a month! I have saved up enough money to go from working, but my only issue is where I would stay. Do you have any suggestions about where ... more
by Denis
by Zeph
What gives keigo speech its keigo-ness? That is, what about the use of, say, 'masu' after a verb ... more
I would like to know whether it's OK to date a younger Japanese guy who is going to graduate from high school and enter university but we are like 6 years different. However, we have feelings for each other but didn't confess you. Before I am going to confess, I would like to know first whether i... more
by Yuii
Hello, so as I've seen through the videos when most Japanese women think about foreigners, Europeans are the one who come to mind. Im half Pakistani and half Colombian, so I wonder how do Japanese people perceive both South American and South Asian people? Meaning like in terms of people and if w... more
Hey, Yuta! Do you think that Japanese people like the idea of foreigners learning Japanese? I'm looking forward to your lessons. I'm going in knowing only English and conversational Hangul.
by Blade
Hi. So I am Japanese in 中1 (year 7) but I live in England, I can't remember Kanji harder than year 2 (primary level) but I can more or less understand. Are there any tips or ways I that can help me remember Kanji?
What do Japanese people actually think about Islam?
I've been thinking about visiting Japan, so recently I've been watching your videos and others. I... more
Hey Yuta, in America, textbooks tells us history but most of the important truths are left out of it so that people will never know about it. Do you know what was cause of Japan and US going to war and why US decided to drop a A-bomb on Japan
by Japan - Desuki from YouTube
subscription Japanese with yuta
by João De La Loução
Hey Yuta! How are you? Sorry for bothering I tried I think three times before subscribing to the ... more
Japanese experimental art.(sorry for the mess of my typing faults)
by But i can't find enough source to benefit.Can you do an advice for me.Which websites do you recommen
Would if be weird to invite my Japanese friend to Thanksgiving dinner?
by Fi
I met this Japanese guy here in the U.S. We've been out to dinner. I've been to his apartment twi... more
Hey Yuta I'm a student in America and I'm writing a research paper about vegetarianism in Japan. I have historical data and statistics but I don't have any information about what modern media or the average person in Japan thinks about vegetarianism or if they think about it at all. Could you she... more
by Jason
Spending a week in Japan in March 2017
by Dan
Hello, I am planning a trip to Japan in March of 2017, I will be traveling by myself, and this i... more
Gender neutral informal first person pronoun?
I'm not very passionate about my own gender. I don't care if people call me sir or madam, he or s... more
Are the parents in any japanese family generally strict?
by Shin
Meaning like they forced their children to study a course in university so that they become someo... more
Can you suggest me a recommendation book for Japanese language as a beginner as introduction to Japanese Language? Including writing?
by Isakha
where do I start to learn Japanese language as beginner. Like introduction to Japaneses Language.... more
i want to live in japan
by omar
I have plans to move to japan and kive there for good. Woukd it be hard to be an immigrant in tba... more
How is asociality viewed in Japan?
by Nelson
(Not to be confused with anti-sociality, which refers to being actively hostile towards society, ... more
Japanese opinions on working as a forgeiner
by Jessica
I really love your channel. I'm actually thinking about emigrating to Japan for work (I love too ... more
Japan's feelings towards "nisei"
Hi Yuta, I was curious to how Japanese people viewed and felt about nisei(二世), especially those w... more
I am not sure what I am hearing when I hear the Japanese R. I hear di, du, le, lo and either da or la.
by Larry Dill
in 3 years time i am planning to go to japan to learn Japanese, the culture and to have a wonderful time and make new friends. I want to go to a language school: i have looked up language schools in Tokyo but there are so many language schools so its very hard to chose one (and the very best one ... more
by plz respond
Traveling to Japan
by Warrence
Hey man! I'll be traveling to Tokyo and I would like to have some suggestions of places that I sh... more
What percentage of Foreigners can get jobs in Japan?
by Narasimhan Iyer
I attended a seminar recently where the Japanese teacher(Morishima san) said that only 1% of fore... more
Hello, Yuta. I recently learnt that you have had Portuguese classes when you lived in France. I'm Brazilian, and I'm really glad that you like our culture and our languge. The question is: how well do you speak Portuguese? Could you ever make a video speaking it? It would be really meaningful to ... more
by Mateus
Hello Yuta, in 3 years time i am planning to go to japan to learn Japanese, the culture and to have a wonderful time and make friends. I want to go to a language school: i have looked up language schools in Tokyo but there are so many language schools so its very hard to chose one (and the very b... more
can i get a job in japan?
by Jack
So can I get a job in Japan if I've done my gcse's, a levels and gone to uni in the UK ?
How successful are foreigners in animation companies (such as Studio Ghibli and Toei) in Japan?
by Cassy
Help me please, Yuta :/
by Patrick
Hi Yuta, i'm a 17 years old boy and had known recently a japanese girl. I speak 3 languages, span... more
by Ashton Herrod
Do Japanese people still believe in and worship Shinto gods? I read somewhere recently that they ... more
recently the China tourist is ruining the japan place and the latest they jump into the shrine to get holy water which make Japanese people are so angry about it .Now they have a angry feeling toward chinese people and many shop and restaurant are close their reservation to chinese people . if i... more
by Penan Chen
I wanna ask is Japanese are Japancist ? i meet some and their not so friendly and some artist and singer come to event and some of them are like that too . Is it Japanese people hate other people then japanese ? or other else . Wanna know the reason because sometime i want to make friend with the... more
by Penan Chen
In the US, we have scary ghost stories like Bloody Mary and Sleepy Hollow. Are there any popular, traditional, or well-known ghost stories in Japan?
by Miki
naturalization for asking how something is said/spelt
by René Garza
Hello yuta! I was thought in japanese classes how to ask for the spelling of a kanji in a sentenc... more
Afro Samurai
by James A. Eugene
Is Afro Samurai a big thing in Japan and what do Japanese people thing of it?
cultural communication and understanding
by Jeremy Zitnik
Just wanted to drop a line and tell you I think what you're doing is really cool and is something... more
Hello yuta, i was hoping you are single, and if so would you want to date me
by Aurora
Hello Yuta :) I prepare myself to go to Japan this year, your japanese lessons are really great and helpfull, thank you. But I was wondering how will I undestand all these kanji and other signs, especially in metro or so? So don´t you know any app which can read written japanese from scanning it ... more
by Bára from Czech Republic!
I saw your videos and noticed that speaking Japanese fluently reduces stigmatisms that natives have about a foreigner being in Japan. As an American, I was hoping to study and get my TEFL/TESOL certification and teach English abroad. But, I also know that there could be negative views on me if I ... more
by Miki
In essence, I know Asians have stereotypes of each other within and outside of each other's natio... more
How skin tone is portrayed in Japanese media
by Jeffrey
Hello Yuta I've never written you before but lately somethings have been stressing me out. For a ... more
Long Hair.
by Ethan
Hello Yuta. My name is Ethan and I'm 20 years old. I plan to go to Japan through the JET program ... more
Use of 'your'
In the last videos you explained that you don't really use 'you' in Japanese. But if you want to ... more
make a video from highschool or university
by jerz
Could you make a video where you like to go highschool and film lesson in class, especially engli... more
What places should I go to when I wanna be able to speak to japanese people in Tokyo who are able to speak english(Sadly can't relly speak japanese)
Applying for university
by Victor
Last year I went to 早稲田大学高等学院 and would love to apply for 早稲田大学, however I'm not quite sure how t... more
What's the best way to understand Japanese instead of just remembering what they mean?
I'd love to see a video seeing how Japanese people view English people compared to Americans.
I have few friends that live in Japan and all of them seem to know much more about America than E... more
Hi, Yuta! I enjoy your videos a lot and I think your social experiments are helpful for both the Japanese and foreigners who wish to visit Japan and get to know the people. I'm Clarisa from the Philippines and I met a Japanese guy who's living here. We've been chatting for a few months but I thin... more
by Islandgirl
Harassment in Japan
by SomebodyInJapan
Hi Yuta, i am a foreigner; am a descendant to be specific and i am currently experiencing a some ... more
Ghanian Deportee Killed by Japanese Immigration Officers
by Zoe
Hi Yuta, I came across this tragic story recently about a Ghanian man who, in the process of bein... more
I'm planning on visiting Japan for 3 months and I'm wondering if it's possible to get a part time job. Would I have to do anything special to get permission or do I just have to go out and look for one once I get to Japan?
by Jakmlk
Hey Yuta, what do you think of the JLPT? Is it really needed to work in Japan? Thank you, you rock!
by Max
How to approach a japanese girl?
I know maybe this is stupid question, but i really want your opinion Yuta. I really want to meet ... more
Hello Yuta, I am a native German and have fluent english skills equivalent to those of a native speaker. I will study to teach languages and am considering to teach in Japan. I am willing to learn the language and customs of the country. But I need to know where I can turn to ask question about b... more
by Veit
Question about a jguy
by Buzzing Chicken Foot
Hi Yuta!! I tried to write this to reddir but the thread is closed. Sorry it's so long. I have a... more
Living in Japan!!!
by Edmilson
Hello Yuta!!! First thing is that I really love to watch your videos because they are very helpfu... more
How do Japanese people view other Japanese in different regions? What are some stereotypes/difference? For example how do people of Tokyo view people from Okinawa or Hokkaido? In America, people are vastly different based on the part of the country they are from. There are definitely stereotypes ... more
by Winter
Narrative Voices in Japanese literature
by Aicha
Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me if there are different narrative voice styles in Ja... more
Hey Yuta, I'm looking for a good japanese dating site (sincere and reputable) but couldn't find something good. Maybe you have some recommendations? Thanks in advance
by Ryuji
I went out with a Japanese guy who is 13 years older than me. Its was a nice day together but he touched my but as a joke, and then when I got mad he asked me touch his...which I did. After the date he asked me if my health was ok since I was sick, and I accidentally asked him out twice in the sa... more
Switching from teineigo to plain form
I'm 20 and have been talking for a few months with a guy who's 23. He speaks to me casually, and ... more
Do you think it is possible to do internship in Kindergarten in Japan as a foreigner that don't speak much Japanese?
by Myria
Hey there Yuta, I am starting a japanese course in a university, together with my boyfriend. We a... more
Visiting Osaka
by Jessie
Hello Yuka, I am going to Osaka Japan next year on a foriegn exchange program and I have a few qu... more
Is there any way to make Japanese people say what they really think?
by Lucas
After watching your last video I felt like they were telling only tatemae - just what they they t... more
Highschool clubs
I'm going to be in a japanese highschool for one year in one week and i dont know which club to c... more
Hello, I really like your videos and i learned alot of things about the Japanese culture. I would like, with your permission, to re-upload your videos with another translations. A lot of people in my country would love to know about Japan. Thank you
by Olba
Hi, I'm sorry, I don't allow people to re-upload my video.
by Yuta
Dear Yuta, I'm not sure if my question would be considered just a question or interview topic so I'll just ask here.
Not sure how to edit it and I just post it too fast lol anyway, my question is what do Japanese p... more
by Vicky
Being a Red Head in Japan
by The lonely Red Head
Hello, I'm a red headed gal that lived in Japan (Nagoya) a few years ago for international studie... more
Yuta will not help. But Yuta might say you're hot to stare at all day.
by ;)



I live in India and I'm doing my undergraduate degree in Automobile Engineering now and I'm in my second year of my studies. And I have loved japan ever since i was little. It has been my dream to live in Japan. So,I want to continue my postgraduate studies in Japan. And the may be get a job there. So, Is Japan good for doing postgraduate degrees in Automotive field and get a job?

I also heard that sometimes the foreigners get treated differently in Japan. Is that actually true?

I would appreciate if you could look in to it and let me know about the details. So that I can prepare for that....

And by the way I'm from Tamil Nadu and I heard that Tamil (Language) is kind of well known in Japan since the actor rajinikanth is kind of famous in Japan.

Tue, Dec 25, 2018

Jakub (pronounced Jacob)


Did you know that Japan refuses to return internationally kidnapped children?

Its a rather shocking thing which I think could be worth discussing.

Here's a link to one news story talking about the issue:


Mon, Jun 11, 2018



I have recently started watching your YouTube videos and I just wanted to say I’m loving your content!

A couple of months ago I started walking across Japan from Kagoshima to Hokkaido, exclusively on foot. I am currently in Kyoto and about 1000km in. Before I left I binge watched many of your videos to help prepare me and they have helped tremendously, building my confidence.

ありがとうございます 😊

P.S. I know you’re based in Tokyo, but if you happen to be along my trail somewhere I’d love to buy you a drink to thank you properly 🍻

Wed, Apr 11, 2018


Hi Yuta! I'll be going this summer. Do you hold meet and greets/ meet with your fans?

Wed, Mar 21, 2018


*going to Japan

Wed, Mar 21, 2018

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Hello I have a youtube channel doing social experiments in Shibuya I would like to ask for some feedback when you get the time :) Links is here...



Mon, Mar 12, 2018


The sites contact section is not working. I can't seem to get video help anywhere. please help!

Wed, Feb 21, 2018


Hello! I linked your video into an article I wrote that is advocating to ban Logan Paul from YouTube, I wanted to share the link with you: https://fdu.uloop.com/news/view.php/257031/logan-paul-should-be-banned-from-youtube

Fri, Jan 12, 2018


Hi, i want to know that do japanese men like to watch on youtube, like watch girls do what kawaii stuff? Things that make them really popular with japanese guys. Thanks

Tue, Dec 26, 2017


"tricider is unstable" yeah it is. try crowdpurr for an alternative (not ideal though)

Sun, May 14, 2017


Is Poppy views you? Has many of your videos. Here is the link

Sat, Oct 15, 2016


It's me again. I found another youtube channel with your videos called 1243733

Sat, Oct 15, 2016

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Hi Yuta, how do you make subtitles for your video? Like what program or method do you use? I want to make subtitles to videos myself to. Please inform how you do it.

Sun, Aug 28, 2016


I use Sony Movie Studio.

Wed, Oct 5, 2016


Ok, thanks for the answer

Fri, Nov 18, 2016

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Hi there Yuta-sensei, I'm a little bit worried abou the recent earthquake in Kumamoto, may I ask how is everything doing there in Japan? I know you are in Tokyo but maybe you can give some light of the rescue works. see you later and thanks for your hard work.

Sun, Apr 17, 2016


How do Japanese people view other Japanese in different regions? What are some stereotypes/difference? For example how do people of Tokyo view people from Okinawa or Hokkaido? In America, people are vastly different based on the part of the country they are from. There are definitely stereotypes based on the region you live.

Tue, Dec 22, 2015


Will you please include the thoughts of more elderly people? Thier perspective of events throughout history will give insight that simply cannot come from anywhere else and you last youtube vid painted a much broader spectrum on the origin of current Nippon mentality.

Wed, Sep 16, 2015