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What would you like to discuss at the West Coast Hydra Regional Meeting in February?

Pros and cons
Metadata ingest workflows
by Ned Henry
Discuss existing tools, strategies, needs, development efforts, etc
If there was interest, I'd be happy to talk about some of the work UCSB has been doing in this ar... more
by Chrissy Rissmeyer

Sue Perry, Charlie Macquarie, Marcia Barrett and 7 more

Audiovisual Media Streaming
by Ned Henry
Discuss media streaming needs, and present UCSC's progress on streaming audiovisual media from Su... more

Sue Perry, Charlie Macquarie, Marcia Barrett and 7 more

Linked Data implementation
by Ned Henry
Share experiences with tools that use Linked Data in Hydra.
I'll just add as a supplement to this, that I'd be interested in talking about how we can best ex... more
by Matt Critchlow

Ryan Wick, Xiaoli, Laura Smay and 6 more

Hydra-in-a-box progress
by Ned Henry
Ask the Stanford folks about their recent progress on the exciting Hydra-in-a-box project
Does this possibly merge with the CC-Sufia Reorganization and update?
by Steve Van Tuyl
I think particularly with the recent Hyrax progress, merging this discussion w. the CC-Sufia reor... more

Charlie Macquarie, Marcia Barrett, Mike Giarlo and 5 more

by Ned Henry
Share experiences with Archivematica, AWS Glacier, and any other archiving tools. Learn about add... more

Sue Perry, Ryan Wick, Charlie Macquarie and 5 more

Metadata schema, profiles, & crosswalking
by Ned Henry
Hydra allows a lot of flexibility in how we store metadata. Let's work together to make good cons... more

Ryan Wick, Marcia Barrett, Laura Smart and 3 more

CC-Sufia Reorganization and New Features
by Steve Van Tuyl
Since HydraConnect, much activity has happened around the reorganization/reconciliation of Curati... more

Alex Dunn, Mike Giarlo, Chrissy Rissmeyer and 2 more

DAMS assessment & implementation planning
by Ned Henry
How do you go about choosing a DAMs, evaluating whether it fits your institutional needs, then ga... more

Charlie Macquarie, Mike Giarlo, Quinn Hart and 2 more

UC Libraries Nov'16 DAMS Technology Report
by Brian Tingle
Discuss proposed UC Libraries strategy with regard to Hydra/Fedora. https://wiki.library.ucsf.edu... more

Sue Perry, Charlie Macquarie, Mike Giarlo and 1 more

Transcripts for audiovisual media
by Ned Henry
Displaying time-indexed transcripts for oral histories and other time-based media is a tricky pro... more

Ryan Wick, Jess Waggoner, Stefan Elnabli and 1 more

Service Management in Hydra
by Ned Henry
Discuss IT & Sysadmin concerns such as monitoring, issue management, hardware requirements, etc.
Alex Dunn
Matt Critchlow
Stefan Elnabli
Geospatial Metadata
by Ned Henry
Discuss how tools like GeoBlacklight, GeoServer, and GeoConcerns can be used with Hydra to bring ... more
Chrissy Rissmeyer
Rachel Jaffe