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How should we assign the lockers in our school?

I'm testing this tool for use in the classroom and I need your assistance. Vote for ideas, add arguments, and post your own new ideas below for this hypothetical problem.

Lockers in our school are assigned by homeroom, which means they are assigned alphabetically. Students with last names starting with “A” get the low numbered lockers on one end of the hallway, while last names starting with “Z” get the last numbers at the other end. This means some students have to walk a lot further to get to their lockers in between classes, or they have to carry everything in their backpacks, which is dangerous and unhealthy.

Is there a better way to assign lockers so that everyone has a short route to their locker and can easily visit it several times a day to avoid carrying a heavy backpack?

Pros and cons
Add an extra minute or two to passing time so that students can go to their lockers. This will provide more movement opportunity to get blood flowing and refresh the brain.
by Anne Beninghof
Would the extra passing time come out of the class period time, or would it be added to the lengt... more
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Get rid of the lockers and store your stuff somewhere else.
by Geraldaungst
Give each student a locker near their last period class.
by Geraldaungst