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What sessions would you like to see at Intersect 2018?

Intersect is not your grandmother's library conference! This brand new regional gathering of library and information professionals will be taking place in Buffalo, NY on October 5, 2018. The purpose of Intersect is to facilitate a culture of learning among librarians and other interested professionals in the region by bringing people together annually to network and share ideas in an interactive, engaging setting where participants determine the content. Intersect: Where People and Ideas Meet!

We would like to see our participants engaged in active learning, embracing creativity, and exploring new ideas. Please feel free to submit ideas for workshop sessions, poster sessions, lightning talks, pecha kucha, discussion roundtables, breakout sessions, interactive panel discussions, technology demonstrations, presentations in interesting new formats, and anything that you'd like to see at this new unconference from the Western New York Library Resources Council.

This is our active conference proposal space, and a chance for attendees and presenters to be creative with their content submissions. Please include these five items in your idea submission:

1. A short session description of around 100 words

2. Style of session (roundtable, interactive panel, small group breakout, demonstration, make/hack/play, etc.)

3. What participants will gain from your session (Will there be handouts or take home activity items? What skills will be learned? Is this an interactive session?)

4. Organization Level (is this a fully formed presentation, or an idea that's open to collaborators? Will you be posting a Call for Participation from other attendees? We encourage ideas that aren't fully formed, this is your space to collaborate!)

5. An email address so we can contact you if your session is selected for Round 2. If you are selected, you will be asked to give a more detailed proposal for our peer review process.

This session decider will be up for a short while, so don't hesitate to post your great ideas here. To foster attendee participation right from the start, we highly encourage you to vote on the proposals you see here as well. We can't wait to see what creative and wonderful sessions are waiting to be proposed!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mandi Shepp (loudmouthedlibrarian@gmail.com), David Schoen (schoen@niagara.edu), or Heidi Ziemer (hbamford@wnylrc.org).


The tricision was completed. Here is the result:

Greetings, Proposal Submitters!

Thanks for all of the amazing ideas submitted for Intersect 2018. The following ideas have been selected for our Second Round Peer Review process.

Some of these ideas did not have any contact information attached to them, so if any of these idea submissions are yours, please contact Mandi Shepp (loudmouthedlibrarian@gmail.com) as soon as possible so that you can be included in the Second Round process -- Second Round proposals are due by June 4th!

We look forward to beginning the Second Round Peer Review process, and to October's Intersect Unconference.

Peer-to-peer pedagogy: when students talk, students listen
by Asulliv1
One grey Friday morning, I was astounded by what transpired when one of my work-study employees a... more

amanda, Cyndy Lenzner, Nicki Lerczak and 14 more

Millennial Management
by Jose Hernandez
Millennials have been the butt of jokes, the downfall of humanity, as people who are sure to brin... more

Linda, Krystal Brand, Monica Mooney and 10 more

Reference Librarians Speak Freely
by Jessica Oelcher
How much are you really using your reference collection? What kind of reference services are you ... more
Love this idea - reference material & the access to it has changed so much yet some of the good o... more
by Caitlin

Renee Masters, Cindy Seitz, Krystal and 10 more

"Planting Seeds for Change" - How libraries can partner with community garden groups or neighborhood groups to build community gardens - and how library collections and programming can support this activity (books on gardening, cooking local, healthy eating, food from around the world, etc.)
by Ddum60

Renee Masters, Linda, amanda and 7 more

Assessing Assessments
1. Assessment is important, but it's not usually the first activity that comes to mind when one e... more

Linda, Nicki Lerczak, chagelbe and 6 more

After the School Bell Rings: Libraries are Education
by Leah Hamilton
Libraries provide critical informal education to our communities and are integral to effecting gr... more

Linda, chagelbe, Sheryl and 6 more

Keeping Patrons on the Move: Unlikely Partnership between the library and transportation.
by Scott Jarzombek
Albany Public Library has seven service locations, a bold service model for a city of 95,000. Whe... more
This is extremely important in the Southern Tier, WNY and other rural regions that we work with..... more
by Tom Vitale
This an interesting subject.
This is one of those ideas that, in hindsight, seems so obviously good yet many libraries are off... more
by JuliaBoyerReinstein

Renee Masters, John, LoudLibrarian and 2 more

Chaos Reigned: An Exploration of an Information Literacy Escape Room
by Melissa Langridge & Elizabeth Marohn
How can you motivate college students to demonstrate their authentic application of critical thin... more
Very interesting topic.

amanda, Nicki Lerczak, Caitlin and 2 more

Digital Humanities and Pedagogy
by Jonathan Lawrence
Digital Humanities tools have opened up new opportunities for research and teaching. This presen... more
Learning about how students and faculty are using Digital Humanities tools will be interesting. T... more
by David Schoen

Carol Ellen Kowalik-Happy, LoudLibrarian, David Schoen and 1 more

Mentoring the Mentors
by Jessica Olin
Description: We focus a lot, and rightly so, on mentoring people new to the field and even on ne... more

Michele Brancato, LoudLibrarian, Tom Vitale and 1 more

Library accessibility
by Caitlin
Maybe a collaborative session on how to make libraries more accessible whether it is physical des... more

Linda, LoudLibrarian, Krockest and 1 more

Do Super Chickens belong in libraries
by Carol Kowalik-Happy
The Super Chicken experiment (https://www.2civility.org/super-chickens-lesson-competition/) may b... more
This is a timely topic, and a fabulous idea.
by LoudLibrarian
Might be interesting to have everyone who planned on attending this session view the TED Talk and... more
by David Schoen
Nicki Lerczak
Lone Arranger Archivists' Roundtable
by Jean L.
Inspired by SAA's Lone Arrangers section, an informal roundtable or panel for Archivists and Spec... more
This sounds like a great way to connect special librarians across the region.
by Caitlin
Building Community in an Online Environment
by Krockest
According to a recent Pew study 78 percent of Americans say they 've been to a local library and... more
David Schoen

Further ideas

Pros and cons
"As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly:" Stories of failure and recovery
by David Schoen (moderator)
Creativity and experimentation entail the risk of failure. Despite our best intentions, our plans... more
I really like this topic- it's not specific to any one area or speciality
by Michele Brancato
The elusive pinnacle of perfection can only be seen via the trek up the mountain of failure. This... more
by JuliaBoyerReinstein

Renee Masters, Cindy Seitz, Janice Dekoff and 10 more

Something on building diversity in the library field
by Eli Guinnee
THE biggest threat to our field thriving into the distant future may be the large gap between div... more
Is it possible that diversity is lacking in the library field because we don't offer Non-English ... more
by Krockest

Linda, Nicki Lerczak, Krockest and 7 more

Field Notes From Our First Year of Management
by Jessica Oelcher & Jose Hernandez
In this engaging session, you will hear from two librarians about what they learned in their firs... more

Krystal, Jean, Lissetty and 6 more

"Hey Neighbor, Meet You at the Library" - Something on Community-Library interaction - maybe have pairs of people (library person + community organization person) tell their stories and share ideas for collaboration - could be academic and school libraries as well as public - for example, science... more

Linda, Sarah McLean-Plunkett, Carol Ellen Kowalik-Happy and 5 more

Something on building a regional portal for virtual reality (360) created content - Joe Riggie and Ken Fujiuchi are currently working on this!
by Heidi

Jean, Cece Fuoco, LoudLibrarian and 4 more

"Walking Tours of the Surrounding Area" by Mandi Shepp (moderator) To expand on the interesting and educational walking tours of public art that were held at the WNYLRC annual meeting last year, I would like to have the opportunity to collaborate with local historical professionals and create... more
We are looking into offering a variety of opportunities for educational walking tours of the area... more
by IntersectUnconference
I would like the Masters of Architecture Tour: https://explorebuffalo.org/downtown/american-masters/
by David Schoen

LoudLibrarian, Tom Vitale, Caitlin and 2 more

Technical Topics
by Jim Gerland
Is there any interest in technical topic presentations/workshops/Pecha Kucha?
Teaching coding and data science in the library with Python and Jupyter Notebooks.
by Don
Discussions about coding etc is popular! Would someone be interested in presenting something on t... more
by Caitlin
I would be happy to present. We would need to define more details about "coding". A particular la... more
by Jim Gerland

Justin Dise, Carol Ellen Kowalik-Happy, LoudLibrarian and 2 more

Hooray for Social Justice!
by Eli Guinnee and Margo Gustina
In Hooray for Social Justice! we’ll practice every day tactics for making social justice a part o... more
After reading about Margo's Hoory For series in Library Journal, I would be especially excited to... more
by Dolores

LoudLibrarian, Tom Vitale, Caitlin and 2 more

WNY Book Arts Center
by David Schoen
Perhaps WNY Book Arts Center will run (for a fee) one of their workshops at their site: http://w... more
If you have a connection here, it would be excellent. I've had some issues communicating with the... more
by Mandi
Carol Kowalik-Happy
Opioid Epidemic
by Krockest
Librarians became part of the Opioid Epidemic conversation last summer when people traveled to Ph... more
Michele Brancato
Design Thinking
by Cece
Design thinking and the play-based approach to creativity encouraged by The Extraordinaires® Desi... more
David Schoen
Something on PDA - patron driven acquisitions
I think this could be a great topic - we just need someone willing to present on it.
by Caitlin