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What sessions would you like to experience at Intersect Unconference 2020?

Welcome to Intersect 2020!
On behalf of the Western New York Library Resources Council, the Continuing Education Committee would like to thank everybody who made the past two Intersect Unconferences a success! We were inspired by the great ideas, creativity and support from the library workers of Western NY, and we are excited to continue this year with Intersect 2020: From Shushing to Shouting: Advocacy and Using Your Voice!

The Unconference is Going Online!
Due to the current restrictions on gatherings and events, and the uncertainties that face all of us on returning to our working spaces, the Continuing Education Committee has decided to hold this year’s Intersect Unconference virtually. We are trying to keep the spirit of learning from and collaborating with each other alive in our current telecommuting climate, and feel that a virtual unconference can still maintain the format integrity of small breakout sessions, large plenary discussions, and individual spaces for networking, casual discussion, and demonstrations.

Submit a Session Idea!
From Shushing to Shouting: Advocacy and Using Your Voice was the theme that received the most votes in our January poll of choices for 2020’s Unconference theme, and we feel that this theme is especially important right now. Thank you to everyone who participated! There are many ways to advocate and use your voice in libraries, and we want to see how you interpret this year’s theme. We ask you to consider some of the many directions this theme can apply to, such as (but not limited to):

Legislative Advocacy - How do you mobilize librarians to advocate for government funds, improvements, and better budgets? What are some plans of action or positive experiences with legislative advocacy that could be used to educate others?

Worker Advocacy - How do unions advocate for libraries? What does the unionization of library workers do for our profession as a whole? What strategies can be employed to communicate the needs of a large team versus a small team or solo librarian?

Advocating Within & For Communities - How does geography and setting affect community involvement in advocating for the local library? How can libraries better engage and involve their home communities in the conversation? What sources or services can neutral libraries provide to members of a culturally divided community?

Advocating for Information Literacy - What are some ways that librarians work with vendors, develop collections, or design spaces with the needs of patrons at the forefront of the discussion? What role does advocacy play in accessibility? How does the advocacy process differ in K-12 versus University settings?

User Advocacy - How have you defended the Right to Read recently? What has been your liveliest book-banning scenario? How do library workers interpret, promote, and advocate for freedoms of speech, information, and expression while maintaining a neutral, safe space where everybody is welcome?

Self Advocacy - What are some ways that managers can effectively advocate for their employees to administration? How do we defend ourselves against burnout without completely losing the highly engaged nature of our profession? How do we compartmentalize our personal and professional lives in a healthy way?

Environmental Advocacy - How can libraries work to become more sustainable? What sustainability initiatives has your library participated in? Are there ways that libraries can spread awareness of conservation and sustainable living? What can we change in our regular practices to reduce waste and resource consumption, and how can we serve as an example to other institutions?

In short, advocacy can mean a lot of things; we want to know what your thoughts are, and what the theme means to you. Feel free to use one of these questions as inspiration, or to draw your own ideas for inspiration! This is our active conference proposal space and it’s also a chance for attendees and presenters to be creative with their content submissions. This is a place for you to express yourselves and explore the changes you’d like to see in our profession -- it’s your opportunity to BE the change! The purpose of Intersect is to facilitate a culture of learning among librarians and other interested professionals in the region by bringing people together annually to network and share ideas in an interactive, engaging setting where participants determine the content.

We welcome ideas for workshop sessions, poster sessions, lightning talks, pecha kucha, discussion roundtables, breakout sessions, interactive panel discussions, demonstrations, presentations in interesting new formats, and anything else that you'd like to experience at this year’s unconference from the Western New York Library Resources Council Continuing Education Committee. We would LOVE to see our participants engaged in active learning, embracing creativity, and exploring new ideas.

To Submit an Idea, You Will Need:
1. A short session description of around 100 words. Please include what style of session (demonstration, panel, roundtable discussion, make/hack/play, etc), whether this idea is fully-formed or in the works, and whether you are open to working on this with other collaborators.

2. An email address so we can contact you if your session is selected for Round 2. If you are selected, you will be asked to give a more detailed proposal for our peer review process. FOR YOUR IDEA TO BE CONSIDERED WE WILL NEED A WAY OF CONTACTING YOU.

Important Dates:
Idea Submission: March 20 - June 30
Voting on Idea Submissions Closes: June 30
Invitation to Round Two: July 10
Round Two Submissions Due: July 27
Peer Review Ends: August 14
Final Round 2 Decisions Made: August 17
Intersect 2020: October 2, 2020

This session decider will only be available until June 30, so don't hesitate to post your great ideas here. Remember: the ideas with the most votes and interaction on the Tricider will move forward to Round Two of our proposal vetting process. To foster attendee participation right from the start, we highly encourage you to vote on the proposals you see here as well. We can't wait to see what creative and wonderful sessions are waiting to be proposed!

We Are Here to Help!
The virtual Intersect Unconference will have a reduced attendance fee (more information coming soon). If you are a library worker who would like to attend the 2020 Intersect Unconference but have been furloughed or otherwise economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact us, as we are currently working on financial assistance for our colleagues in need.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mandi Shepp (amanda.shepp@fredonia.edu), Caitlin Kenney (ckenney@wnylrc.org), or Heidi Ziemer (hziemer@wnylrc.org).


The tricision was completed. Here is the result:

The right to learn: advocating for learners in prisons
by Chrissy O'Grady
This is not a fully-formed idea and I am open to working with others. I envision this session as ... more
Clarifying that this idea would include ALL people who are incarcerated. My initial idea included... more
by Chrissy O'Grady
This is an important topic since a) many people attend college post incarceration and b) people i... more
by Michael Kahn

Heidi, Lois Einhorn, Erika and 11 more

Further ideas

Pros and cons
Farm-2-Library Initiative
by Erica Freudenbergeg
Imagine grocery shopping at a Dollar Store. That’s the reality for the rural poor who live in foo... more
Very interesting topic

Heidi Ziemer, Erika, Sheryl and 9 more

"Creating a Coordinated Advocacy Campaign: From Nuts to Bolts"
by Keturah Cappadonia and Erika Jenns
The Southern Tier Library System has been leading its member libraries in advocacy efforts on a s... more

LoudLibrarian, Lyndsie Guy, Heidi Ziemer and 7 more

Promoting health literacy in libraries
by Olivia Helfer
We all know what it’s like to turn to Dr. Google... But there are better resources! This session ... more
The lack of health literacy during COVID-19 and its significant consequences makes the need to ad... more
by Michael Kahn

Heidi, Kelsey, Adrienne and 5 more

Neutrality in Libraries? It's time to speak up!
by Pamela Edholm
1. This is not a fully-formed idea, but would be in either panel or roundtable format. For this d... more
Libraries are definitely not neutral and should not be neutral in my opinion. I think having some... more
Just a note that I listed SURJ incorrectly. They are Showing Up for Racial Justice, not Stand Up.... more
by Pamela Edholm

Sheryl, Kelsey, Adrienne and 5 more

Advocating for library staff safety during COVID-19
by Katy Sullivan, Semhar Yohannes, Emily Joseph, Erin Durham
Presenters will describe how library staff wrote, adopted, and shared an open letter to campus in... more

Erika, Sheryl, LoudLibrarian and 5 more

But *I Am* Faculty: Self-Advocacy in the Age of Title-Questioning
by Danielle Apfelbaum & Fatoma Rad
Academic librarians on the tenure track are often put in the uncomfortable position of having to ... more

Heidi, Bryan, Sheryl and 4 more

Advocacy & Storytelling
by Becky Czornobil & Bri McNamee
I apologize for submitting twice i thought there would be a prompt for an email - contact project... more

Sheryl, Kim, Michelle and 2 more

Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing as Avenues of Community Advocacy
by Tess Wilson, Kelsey Cowles
Citizen science and crowdsourcing programs like Wikipedia Edit-a-thons leverage natural curiosity... more

Heidi, Sheryl, Caitlin and 2 more

Framing the Framework: Introducing Faculty to Information Literacy
by Sarah Rhodes and Jean-Paul Orgeron
This session will focus on the results of a librarian led workshop with a diverse teaching facult... more

BB, Heidi Ziemer, Tom Arnold and 2 more

Union Advocacy for and Within Our Profession: Focus on Higher Education in New York
by Kate Cunningham
Unions are vitally important across various professions. In libraries, unions provide a life line... more

Sarah, Kim, LoudLibrarian and 2 more

OER Sprint for OER Advocacy
by Georgia Westbrook
In this session, participants will work together to develop an open educational resource (form TB... more

BB, Caitlin, LoudLibrarian and 1 more

What is the role of libraries? Libraries and the Public Sphere
by The Case of Norway Reflections on the Impact of the Norwegian Public Library Act
I was wondering if we had a "hybrid" conference if we could invite speakers to present remotely. ... more
I added this idea, but I put the subtitle in the name box.
by Sarah McLean-Plunkett
Health in the Headlines: Addressing Health Information Literacy and the Media
by Tess Wilson - Network of the National Library of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region
Often, the first place many patrons hear about health information is in the media. This gives lib... more
The Foundry: Community Advocacy and Empowerment
by Sarah McLean-Plunkett scmp@buffalo.edu
Deb Sarlin has agreed to give a presentation at the Intersect Unconference. She is the Education... more
Sarah McLean-Plunkett
Intergenerational Book Club That Ignites Deep Discussion on Challenging Issues
by Lisa Lewis
This session explores how an ‘Adult/Child Book Club’ for grade 4, 5 and 6 students infuses a love... more
Prepare, partner, protest, propose, and persevere: Advocating for a dedicated information literacy classroom
by Michelle Hendley
Envision a beautifully renovated academic library without adequate space for information literacy... more
Open Data, Digital Inclusion and New Ways Librarians Will Interact with Patrons
by Heidi
This could be a session that focuses on emerging social issues and trends that require new ways f... more
Sample Idea Submission
by IntersectUnconference
1. In this demonstration, participants will learn how Tricider works for the submission of ideas ... more
This space can be used to voice your opinion in support of a session. If you have a great idea t... more
by IntersectUnconference
This can also be a space to voice any concerns or potential drawbacks to a proposed idea, and is ... more
by IntersectUnconference
Don't Forget to Vote!
Intergenerational Book Club That Ignites Deep Discussion on Challenging Issues
by Lisa Lewis
Intergenerational Book Club That Ignites Deep Discussion on Challenging Issue
by Lisa Lewis
This session explores how an ‘Adult/Child Book Club’ for grade 4, 5 and 6 students infuses a love... more
Union advocacy for and within our profession: Focus on Higher Education
by Kate Cunningham