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How should we spend the $3.4M

Pros and cons
Air Conditioning
by Joe Canova
Begin installing Cooling Centers at each school
Each year due to the excessive heat ee lose seprember and June. Sometimes may also. This is 20... more
by Donna
Air conditioning is so important so we can use the schools during the summer and improve conditio... more
by Eve
Students lose too many days due to excessive heat and with cooler environment they will be more a... more
by Jennifer
I missed so many days of school because it was too hot inside. Classes were taught in hallways be... more
I believe a cooling system should be applied to our school because there have been many cases of ... more
I don't see a correlation between air conditioning and students grades and testing improving, why... more
Add air conditioning in classrooms, auditoriums could be rented out for events
No school I ever attended had air conditioning. It didn't stop me from getting A's and B's in all... more
Air conditioning will only be used during the very, very beginning of the school year and the las... more
We are in 2017, why we cannot have all the best conditions for our kids in the classrooms? I don... more

Teodora Varga, Elaine lembeck, stephany and 72 more

by Joe Canova
Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math
Having a stronger understanding in the steam areas will help children build better Foundations. I... more

Parent, Jules, Tammi and 29 more

Become Blue Ribbon Certified
by Joe Canova
Put a plan in place with a budget allocated to become a Blue Ribbon certified school which will d... more
Do it will be more comfortable for learning in the summer.
by Jennifer
This would be a huge accomplishment for the school!
by Scott F
It would be the best investment in education
by Matt
Teachers would flock to us if this happened.
by Theresa S.
While I do agree with the comments, tho is not something that happens overnight and is not someth... more
by Chuck R

Christine C, Patrick Bury, Sunil Desai and 27 more

by Joe Canova
Tighten up on security measures to ensure student safety
Safety upgrades are needed. We are a huge district and times are changing.
by Stay
I have personally picked up children in the elementary schools where I am buzzed into the buildin... more
Without security, everything else is meaningless.
Add security to make schools safe, make middle and high school safer.
When going to the school they buzz you in with no idea who you are. Then, you walk through the ha... more
How is everyone not selecting this? It should be the first item for everyone!!
by Phil
by George Silva

Elaine Lembeck, Semra Ayala, Chastity and 23 more

Media Specialists
by Joe Canova
Rehire the cut Media Specialist positions
Absolutely need this, teachers don't have time to fully utilize the libraries and students need t... more
by Alaina Sanchez
Compared to other local districts with thriving Media programs, our students are losing out and f... more

Concerned for our Children, Alaina Sanchez, Nicole Barrett and 11 more

Tax Payer relief
by Joe Canova
Every $1M is approx a $4 per month rebate per taxpayer
Since we have only had increasesfor the last 20 years, I think it would be refreshing to see some... more
by Al koodray
I'm happy to pay taxes to educate our children. They are our most important resource.
that's $182.50 a year ,which would be at least something , since our taxes have increased every y... more
My calculation of $4 a month adds up to $36 a year, which is nothing. I'd rather see the money i... more
only clifton homeowner(taxpapers) should have voice in this vote, since they are paying this bill
Everyone should have a vote on what happens to this money. I want to make sure my child gets the ... more
by Heather
If my taxes rebate is only going to be $36 then just give that back to the schools improvements
by Lisa

Alaina Sanchez, B, Patricia Demmie and 11 more

Give the staff members a raise above the 2% cap,like many other local districts, to encourage great staff mbers to stay and not leave for districts with better pay scales
While I do feel this should be addressed, until we know that this State funding model will be res... more
by Joe Canova

Corinne, Annette, Heather and 6 more

Rezone Clifton Elementary Schools
by Dana Pollati
Rezone the elementary schools. Invest some of the money in analyzing the current balance and proj... more
I think this idea will wind up being unfair for the people that moved to certain areas of Clifton... more
It's also unfair to those who are forced into going to certain elementary schools now. The school... more
by Dana Pollati

Chastity, Annette, Donna and 2 more

Summer school available to students from ALL Clifton schools based on educational need.
Summer school is currently only available to students in select elementary schools. Children who... more

Rc, Jennifer Sanchez Martinez, Rc and 2 more

Summer arts or other summer programming for teens
by Hana
Create summer programs for students to keep them engaged in learning.

Manny Garcia, Eve, Diane Grivas and 1 more

Town Pool
by Steve Goldberg
Build a pool for use by students/swim team and city residents.
We can also use this for a Clifton swim team year-round if it is indoors
by Bob
The swim team uses the Boys & Girls Club.
by Louise Montalvo
Louise Montalvo
Steve Goldberg
Computers and Learning Management System (LMS)
Use an LMS with built in parent monitoring as other school districts do for students to post home... more
We do not use computer websites like other schools.
Fix/Repair Safety Issues in Buildings
by Joe Canova
Complete much needed repairs to our buildings to resolve the list of issues identified.
Lori Lalama
Larger Focus on Academics and Athletics for the students
by Bobbie Madrigal
Cathy Shanahan
Food Quality and Choices
by Dancing Bear
Improve the quality of food being served.
School lunches are disgusting. The corn is grey, the mashed potatoes are dried out, the general q... more
by Dancing Bear
The BOE chose Pomptonian for the upcoming school year.
by Louise Montalvo
Dancing Bear
School gardens
by lana mustafa
Start school gardens for children to participate in
We teach our children many things in life, yet some grow up not knowing where their food comes fr... more
by Lana Mustafa
Colleen T
Updated computers and curriculum by having access to online curriculum and digital text books with adaptive learning methods.
by Susan
My son said that the text books in school were really old. If we gave students and faculty on lin... more
Hire Staff
Add resources to improve classroom sizes
Athletic Fields
Repair and improve the athletic fields at the high school and middle schools
this will decrease the injuries students face due to damaged fields
increase athletic performance of students if they are provided with proper practice grounds
They already have turf and the one in front of Columbus is being done now.
Weight Room
by Joe Canova
Create a Weight Room for students and possibly the community
We need academics to improve not turf and weights. I can see if we let people pay to come here bu... more
by Tommy
Pay for them to go to Planet Fitness or Blink instead. It will be a lot cheaper.
by Karen Ruiz
If the residents want a weight room, there are many gyms locally that they can join.
by Louise Montalvo


Debbie dubravsky

Ac and security

Mon, Aug 7, 2017


It is a tough call how to spend this money. Whatever it is used for has to be sustainable in the future. For example we have extra money this year lets hire an extra resource officer for the middle schools. Next years funding is not the same now we have to take the officer away.

Sun, Aug 6, 2017

Helen Berkenbush

My other problem with the system is the Annex. They were talking not long ago about another middle school = how about this long fought for and expensive fight to build the building being used for at least three elementary schools using this for a middle school

Sat, Aug 5, 2017



Sat, Aug 5, 2017

Dana Pollati

Rezone the elementary schools. Invest some of the money in analyzing the current balance and projections of future students who live in one district of Clifton vs another. Help shift the over crowding in some schools with the under utilization of others. Develop a a plan (busing, possible school choice options for under utilized schools, etc), and launch this plan effectively.

Sat, Aug 5, 2017


A/c and security. Your doing a great job Joe

Sat, Aug 5, 2017