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time is up

2nd Bell: How do you envision your lifestyle by the time you are 30 years old? Think about jobs, marriage, money, home, car, and kids.

Pros and cons
i would have a job hopefully be married with no kids and decent money nothing insane.Pretty nice home elike what we have here i would like a dodge hellcat for a car and zero kids with 2 dogs
by andrew
Im going to be a vet who is married or dating a guy or a girl living in a medium sized home with no kids, but four dogs and two cars and i'll be financally stable and one cat
by Emmanuel Jones
Kids are uggghhh
by Emmanuel
when i am 30 years old, i will be a chief. i will be marriage. I will money to do what is necessary. i will have a 2 story house. i will have two nice cars. and i will have 2 kids
by Jordyn Toliver
by JT
I will a job making a enough money for myself. I will not have a wife or kids. I will drive a car.
engineer,good amount of money,be marriage,good sized house, old car, 2 kids
by Barron
When i'm 30, I hope to be either a kinesiologist or an MLB player. I hope I'm married by then and live in a nice house, not too big though. I will probably have a nice car, like a truck or an SUV and hopefully a lot of money from my job. I don't know if I'll have kids, but if I do hopefully a son... more
by Nash M
at the age of 30 i will want/have 2 kids and maybe be married but who knows because i wont need him since i will be living as a millionaire, and the best part is i wont even need a job since i won the lottery of course. my car will be one of the ones where you can like take the top off of it and ... more
by brooklyn stratton
At the age of 30 I plan to have a well paying job, hopefully married by then, hopefully have saved enough money to afford essential and material items, a house big enough to fit me, my husband/wife (no discrimination), and an animal (maybe). Of course I want a car, anything that will get me to my... more
by Elly
When I am 30 I can envision myself working as the Head of Plastic Surgery, well hopefully. I would have already gone to medical school and hopefully I would already be married, (to someone). I would live an average life style with a good amount of income and money for other things. I would live i... more
by Olivia Thompson
Ill probably have no kids and maybe married ill be making minimum wage with a used car and a 2 bed and 2 bath home.
by grace
I want to work on a sailboat, I hope to be married by then but I might not be, I hope to be middle class, I want a house by the water especially if I work on a boat, I do not really care what kind of car I have as long as it gets me where I need to be, and I want to have 2 or 3 kids so hopefully ... more
by Emma Stark
By the age of 30 I want to have a stable living situation with a good job and enough money to keep myself comfortable. I don't know if i'll want marriage or kids by then, but i'd want a home for myself and a good car or other transport to my job.
by devyn s.
I will be a engineer, I feel like i would be married by then. I think i would have a decent amount of money, I think i will have 2 kids, and have a ford f-150,I will have a 3 bedrrom house,With 2 bathrooms
by Wyatt Lee
Working as an engineer, married to my husband, above middle class but not rich (good amount of money), a big house with pool, playground, and trampoline, 3 cars (tesla, jeep, truck), and 4 kids.
by Kierstyn Ferris
my own business, married, good money, nice home,nice truck,1 kid(boy)
by alex hunt
I might be working my dream job, I could have money. Might be married but no kids
by Amber Jones
Ill have a good job so I can have a nice house on the beach as well as a nice car of course. A husband i guess and maybe kids. Ill have money saved up so I can go on trips have nice clothes and go to nice places to eat.
by Brooklyn B
When I am 30 years old I envision myself working as a teacher in an elementary school. I am married and I have a reasonable amount of money. My home will be in a suburban neighborhood and I will have a nice car. I might have like 2-3 kids.
by Kylee
i want to be a behavior center therapist for kids, gonna be married to a man with a decent job but time for us i want 3 kids two boys 1 girl, a malamu and a cat, ina two story modern family house on a dirt road with a lot of land, steady income because my job pays well, i want a lifted chevy 2009... more
by kennedy p.
I think I will still be paying off debt from college but will have a degree and a job in the aerospace engineering field. Because I will still be paying off debt I will most likely not have nice things by that time.
by Alex Harvey
ill properly be in the military just sitting there enjoying the lifestyle that i sadly chose and hopefully get the money the promised to me the home is the little tent in that field over there in that small patch of grass the car is that run down 1998 army jeep that runs off of fumes and barley h... more
by john
I am a mechanic that lives in Arizona with my wife and 1 kid. I have a lot of money maybe around $500,000, I drive a Can-Am ATV
by Calvin Sandoval
I might be doing my dream job getting paid pretty well maybe, no kids but a dog, i would have a car, and i would be married
by Gabrielle Fulford
At 30, I want to be an author and I want two kids. Hopefully I will have enough money to live in Paris or somewhere like that, since I've always wanted to, but it's okay if not.
by Zoe Sprague
I will be In a happy home with a family(I hope) and work for a business/
by Robert Cain
married, in the military
by Brianna