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Which key themes would you like to see in the ADASS 2023 program?

Pros and cons
Science with data archives and Virtual Observatory in 2020s: multi-wavelength multi-dimensional datasets, challenges in data analysis
by Igor Chilingarian
Modern astronomical facilities produce massive multi-dimensional datasets in optical, infrared, s... more

Christophe Arviset, James Tocknell, Ray Butler and 20 more

Software and tools for Solar System and planetary research

Christophe Arviset, Roc Cutri, Amy Mainzer and 18 more

Cloud infrastructures for astronomical data analysis
As more and more data is being carried out online, it is only natural that the user community get... more
by Ansarisg
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Victória Samboco, N. Dencheva, Christophe Arviset and 17 more

User Experience for astronomical software
by Yan Grange
Astronomical software in general are quite bad and makes working with them less fun. And astronom... more
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James Tocknell, Trey, Ole Streicher and 13 more

GPU implementations for core astronomical libraries (eg: AstroPy)

Carlo Baffa, Ray Butler, Orlando and 11 more

AI in Astronomy
by Fanna Lautenbach
It is currently a how topic* * 1] https://www.nature.com/articles/s41550-023-01891-4#:~:text=On... more
The various AI techniques are already being used in many areas of knowledge, not just in Astronom... more
by S.G. Navarro
This is an important topic for software authors, as using GPT-4, for example, to write code great... more
by Alice Allen
AI for Science, especial for Astronomy Science, is a new research paradigm. How to apply deep uns... more
by Ping Guo
Astronomical archives contain more data than the current generation of astronomers can process. U... more
by Yan Grange
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Victória Samboco, Yan Grange, Ping Guo and 6 more

Software distribution
by Yan Grange
With larger data sets come more complex processing systems and software. How do we manage to make... more

James Tocknell, Ray Butler, Ole and 7 more

Research software engineering as a career path
by Yan Grange
I would like to see precisely the career transition for someone outside academia into the researc... more
by Orlando
I think indeed that 'non-traditional' career paths are something our field could be leveraging more
by Yan Grange
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James Tocknell, Orlando, Ole Streicher and 6 more

Software re-use in Astronomy
by Janet Evans
Trends now and in the future toward Software re-use. What are the arguments for it and how has t... more

Yan Grange, Dirk Muders, James Tocknell and 5 more

Machine Learning and deep learning
by Yanxia Zhang

J. Dunn, F.Guglielmetti, C. Comito and 5 more

Ground/mission operations software
by C. Schaller
Software for spacecraft, instrument, telescope, etc. operations, distinct (in my view) from resea... more

Christophe Arviset, L. Storrie-Lombardi, David K. and 2 more

Writing sustainable software
by Yan Grange
Isn't this the same topic proposed above by M Valencia?
by Orlando.
Good question. The term sustainability is a bit overloaded here. I think both (green and reusable... more
by Yan Grange
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James Tocknell, Ole Streicher, M Valencia-S. and 1 more

Open-source your way to broader career opportunities
by Claudia Comito
How to leverage open-source software (OSS) contributions to enhance your career prospects? One va... more
Making software open source is a first step towards open science and software sustainability. T... more
by Yan Grange
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James Tocknell
Ole Streicher
Yan Grange
Computing using 1000s of geographically distributed loosely-connected compute resources.
by Sanjay Bhatnagar

Christophe Arviset, Dirk Muders, Brian Major and 1 more

Sustainability, energy consumption, green IT
by M Valencia-S.
new astronomical experiments will require huge data centres and computations. Energy saving codes... more
by G Taffoni
fostering green IT should be good for the environment, and good for the energy bill
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Space Weather and Heliospheric resources: systems and standards
Rafael Santos