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What are the main causes for a war?

Pros and cons
Money is the most of the times the number one reason to start a war with other countries.Everyone is always going after money because is a need.As i said money is a need that is possible for some people to fight for it as a result to put their life in danger.
by Helen
"All wars are fought for money."
I think it's just like you wrote that money is often the cause of war and when the war is over an... more
That´s right, but I think, that money is not the only reson for a war. In my opinion power is ano... more
the war as a whole is a costly thing, it requires man power, use of a countries resourses and mos... more
by Giannis

MACIM, Jaqueline, Evelina and 7 more

The reasons that drive countries to a war are mostly for the money,different minerals (coal,gold,oil etc.) but also for territories.A quick example about reasons that drive people and countries to war,is the recent death of an iranian leader of international guard,by USA's forces.
by Zanetos
I am exactly of your opinion because in many countries there is only war for the reason that they... more
by Melisa
I feel the same way,because wars in countries are only happening for money. War is generally wron... more
by Tugce

Nancy, Jaqueline, julian and 6 more

Seizure of power is the main reason for war because all presidents and citizens are addicted for power of the world.
by Jaqueline
Ambition and eagerness are important causes

Matteo usanza, Matteo Concas, Jaqueline and 4 more

The reasons are fear and anger.
by Maja & Marie
Fear of change. Fear of the unknown. Fear of loss. Fear of pain. Fear of suppression.
by Maja & Marie
Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.
by Yoda Quote
I am amazed of your opinions , you analyzed them so well and had a lot of details !

Marie, Maja, Nancy and 3 more

The biggest reason for war is money. But I also thing that if two countries hate each other or have conflicts against each other than can start a war too. A simple example is the dead of the irianian general who was killed by USA. In my mind the reasons about ressources and land is not so importa... more
by Maxim
this tis true. based on facts
NO , although resources and land are still one of the most important reasons of a war, there can... more
by Kyriakos

Jaqueline, Melisa, maxim and 2 more

Most of the time, the war is about money, power or country expansion. For that many people die in every war.
by Leon, Till
See the Second World War
When countries want to expand, they need to conquer other territories and that is the reason why ... more
by Matteo Concas

Matteo usanza, Matteo Concas, Patrick and 1 more

Discriminations amd racism is a topic that people with diffent characteristics than others such as the colour of their skin.When they have lack of rights they start with expeditions and end up as wars.
by Helen
These were the reasons of colonialism and the Second World War: jewish people and black people we... more
by Matteo usanza

Vincenzo, Matteo,, Maxim and 1 more

Our world lost its balance there is no hummanity anymore its like kill or get killed. everybody cares just about themselfs.the reason is egoism.
by mascha
In fact our society is based on egoism and only few people care for others
by Vincenzo bonsignore
Matteo Concas
Matteo usanza
Vincenzo bonsignore
In every war there are casualities of innocent people and a lot of immigrants,that have lost all of their estate,their homes are destoryed,lost members of their family and now are searching shelters in the closest countries,hoping they will accept them and help them.
by Zanetos
In today’s world people are more likely to take part in armed conflicts which have the potential to be more destructive and costly than ever before. Countries that have more advanced technology as well as a lead in other field of science, take advantage of the war for their personal gain and as a... more
by Giannis Dimitris Kyriakos
I think the actually reason vor war is that the people will have respect and power
by simion
We don't think so, because the people who fight against other people do it only because they wan... more
In many countries in our world in todays society they become wars (Revoloutions and civil wars). First and foremost are the economical reasons. Almost all the world passes crisis phace, in which many people stayed without slavery. So the countries caused to a war. Also in addition, to the economi... more
by anna virginia taybe dimitra
the reasons of a war are mainly economical and political .Also ,when a coyntry wants to make bigger its borders ,they start a war.
by Lamprina , Vasiliki and Maria
There are biological attempts to explain war. Men are biologically primed to fight wars because of the large amount of testosterone they contain, since it is widely believed that testosterone is linked to aggression. Violence may also be linked to a low level of serotonin, since there is evidence... more
by Matthias and Julian
I think a fight between two countrys could become a reality, when one side of them want to get more land,money or stuff like that. I think a lot of people think violence is the only solution ,but I can nat represent this additude.
by nancy
Violence is the basis of every war.
by Alex Danesi
in our opinion the most common reasons that leads a country to a war are economical,political,borders extension and religion.
by eleni makis kostas ioanna
There are lots of causes of war and they can be learnt studying the human history
Paul Goodman wrote an article about the eight main reasons for war: 1. Economic Gain 2. Territo... more
There are biological attempts to explain war. Men are biologically primed to fight wars because of the large amount of testosterone they contain, since it is widely believed that testosterone is linked to aggression. Violence may also be linked to a low level of serotonin, since there is evidence... more
It is too easy to justify war and violence with biology
by Nicole Ziliani