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Can we Talk About Charlottesville? Event question Submission.

Can we Talk About Charlottesville...and the rise of hate in America? Join us on 10/16 from 4-6 pm at CEMEX for a film screening of Near Normal Man and a panel discussion about the rise of hate.

BUT why wait until the event to get involved?? If you have a question you want asked or a topic you want discussed, submit it here. During the event we will be working in submitted questions and live questions from the audience. See a question someone else submitted that you like? Upvote it to increase the chance that it will get asked.

Pros and cons
What can we do about the seeming indifference from activists about antisemitic hate? Since Charlottesville, many jewish activists have been criticized for bringing up antisemitism in intersectional spaces, and have been accused of only taking an interest in activism now that jews have become a ta... more
They haven't gone unacknowledged. I get an email about it every week. Should we have a candleligh... more
John C
What can the average person do to better understand the intersection of liberation movements, in a way that does not neglect or pit one disenfranchised group against another?
What kind of work were people doing in Charlottesville before that rally against racism?
The first time I heard about "hate" was in the arguments over Proposition 8, same-sex marriage. I kept hearing that the people who were against it same-sex marriage HATED gays.
Got cut off. Did people really hate gays and do people really hate those of other races? Aren't... more
Rubi P.
Is there any particular reason why university communities preoccupy themselves with "hate" only when perpetrated by white people? There is little interest in the violence in African American communities, or muslim communities. Instead, we are left to pontificate endlessly about the ONE casualty i... more
There is no rise of hatred, hatred has been here for centuries, the only difference is that social media has brought it out to light. The long history of hatred because of one’s skin color is an issue around the world. The sense of entitlement that people with lighter skin color feel is upsetting... more
by Rubi P.
"The sense of entitlement that people with lighter skin color feel is upsetting." This is an a... more
Is it ridiculous because you fall in this category? Are you a person of color? Have you experienc... more
It doesn't feel good to be placed in a category/label does it? Until we ALL view each other a... more
by Rubi P.
Exactly. So why did you bring up "people with lighter skin color"? You are doing EXACTLY what you... more
I get your point, but the first step to removing such labels start with acknowledgement/recogniti... more
Your story is very tragic and its unfortunate that this happened. However, it does not rationaliz... more
And whats more- though the criminal justice system is far more perfect, it is better to bring agg... more
It's the reality and it is what we feel has happened over these centuries, it is not stated with ... more
by Rubi P.
Moreover, one can step back and try to understand why the criminal justice system (presumably) is... more
Isn't there research showing that drug use is equivalent between races but black people are far m... more
You can find research to show anything; you have a confirmation bias. Most of these conclusions ... more
Debunked?!?!? Not an opinion. There was a study this year showing this. Usually when people say s... more
Isn't there a serious possibility that this is because African Americans are less cooperative wit... more
" White people perpetuate the problem by being fragile in their inability to even discuss the iss... more
by Rubi P.
Thank you for your statistics. They were not particularly surprising- African Americans commit fa... more
Is hate speech free speech? How does the law play into events such as Charlottesville? What changes can we expect, or would you make, regarding how we define what constitutes as hate speech?
I don't think we can unanimously agree on what is hate speech- it is highly subjective. You make ... more
How can we balance our criticism against hate speech and violence such as Charlottesville that we thoroughly detest with the desire to use rhetoric that could help decrease the rise of such incidents? Do you believe rhetoric had a role in the recent rise of violence?
The violence in Charlottesville was perpetrated almost exclusively by leftist mobs who were disru... more
http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2017/10/11/black_charlottesville_beating_victim_arrested_a... more
Great question. As far as the comment ...violence perpetrated by the left.... It ignores the fact... more
Your post is exactly the problem. You are totally fixated on violence only from one side. On a na... more
Why are we speculating on the political alignment of the ONE perpetrator of that crime (murder) i... more
I think examples of white nationalist violence was given in response to the "violence in Charlott... more
There are 16,000 homicides per year in the US. Some by white nationalists, some by black national... more
Something about a "nazi uprising" just seems to stir the pot much more than "random gang shooting".
"And there are pictures of that guy with white nationalist material. " So because this guy was... more
If y'all don't understand why people are upset by this, please come to the event and listen (non-... more
i'll be there, its going to be fun!
Why are there no Native Americans on this panel?
it seems like there should be given that this is their country that all this racism is happening ... more
More marxist nonsense straight out of the liberal echo chamber. The pre-state societies in North ... more
What work is being done to include Sephardic and Mizrahi Jewish people in the narrative of historical Jewish trauma?
What incentive do those benefitting from current power systems have to change anything?
How do we as individuals balance the line between prioritizing the pain of marginalized groups and subscribing to tactics of privileged groups to convince those in power to care about these injustices?
(to Grisham): What actions does the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism take in order to identify and dismantle white supremacy within it's own organization?
Why is Yvette Felarca, who has been arrested multiple times for attacking peaceful protesters, still teaching middle school students? What are the implications of the decision not to relieve her of her duties, on the rise of hate in America?
Is the rise of hate increasing in other parts of the world too? Europe seems to follow the same trend. Good examples are the increase of the supporters of extreme-right parties in France, Germany,.. and the later events in Catalonia and Valencia (Spain). Could it be related to deficient leaders i... more
by BB
How can communities work together when the challenges they are facing are so varied, and time and resources are so limited?
In what ways do you see the current US administration encouraging the import and export of white supremacy (which is always coupled with a major redistribution of wealth for all)?
Does seeing racial conflict everywhere you look contribute to the rise of hate in America?
What would be/is the most appropriate response for the targets of these hate groups in order to rebut the rhetoric of these hate groups?
Out of curiosity, what is a "hate group" anyway? Every group has an agenda- some we like more, so... more
(to Stern) As a survivor of the Shoah, how has the use of The Shoah by Israeli zionists to justify the occupation affect your personhood and work?
Please keep your anti-semitism out of this forum. Ben Stern doesn't need it.
Is hate really a problem, or was Charlottesville just a few crazy people with too much time on their hands?
Not all the protesters were crazy- it is important to bring awareness to the fact that General Le... more
Scrubbed from history? I don't think that's what people are pushing for. His historical contribut... more
There is a statue of Lenin in Seattle. Where were these people? Make no mistake- this is purely a... more