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time is up

What topics would you like to see covered at the first EES Emerging Evaluators Virtual Conference this year?

For the first conference organized by our Thematic Working Group, we would like to collect your ideas for general themes and/or specific topics. Please add (1) new ideas, (2) pro and contra arguments to existing proposals, and (3) your vote to support those ideas you really like!

Pros and cons
Exchange of material/experiences on evaluation methodologies; creation of a platform for this
by Conference Steering Group

Javier Mateo Girón, Margarida Azevedo, Mariana Branco and 6 more

Form workshops around Emerging Evaluators who have come to evaluation from different disciplines (public institutions, development NGOs, social sciences...), so they can exchange their experiences: Challenges, specific information needs, ideas to facilitate the transition to evaluations...
by Conference Steering Group

Margarida Azevedo, Marie Gildemyn, João Mesquita and 3 more

Emerging challenges for emerging evaluators: integrated reporting and specialised versus holistic approaches
by Mariana Branco

Salome Ribeiro, Kaisa Masso, Sandra Oliveira and 2 more

How to upgrade your Data Visualization competence
by Sara Vaca

Margarida Azevedo, Antonio Ribeiro, kate Gooding and 1 more

How to engage politically the emerging evaluators? How to make them count in the political debate at different levels?
I don't know if it's included but I think this topis should talk about how to engage organization... more
by Alejandra Lucero
One political initiative could be to address commissioners of evaluations to be open to young tal... more
by Wolfgang Stuppert
Alejandra Lucero
Joao Martinho
Mariana Branco
Other emerging evaluators networks and how to start your own network
by Conference Steering Group
I like to think that “Emerging” also relates here to “Innovation” and kind of “thinking out of th... more
by Ramon Crespo
Antonio Ribeiro
Mariana Branco
Ramon Crespo
How to articulate a peer-review network for emerging evaluators
by Sara Vaca
Aida El Khoury de Paula
Mariana Branco
Oluwatosin Akomolafe
Emerging Evaluators: How to construct expertise in a competitive labour market and neighbouring occupations?
by Aida El Khoury de Paula
Alejandra Lucero
kate gooding
What do other stakeholders think about evaluation (e.g. NGOs, commissioners...)
by Conference Steering Group
Do interviews with stakeholders before the conference and discuss these inputs during the conference
Javier Mateo Girón
Mariana Branco
Ethics in evaluation
by Conference Steering Group