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LangOER recommendations to institutions

Thank you in advance sharing your expert opinion on the LangOER recommendations for institutions. Below you are invited to do 4 things:

1) Add a "pro" argument:
- to the recommendation(s) that are/is crucial to support the teaching and learning of and in lesser used / regional & minority languages in Europe and consequently inclusion and quality education for all?

2) Add a "con" argument:
- to the recommendation(s) you disagree with and explain why
- to the recommendation that you feel are not self-explicatory and/or would need to be presented differently to convince and explain how (what should by specified)?

3) Add a new idea to share a recommendation, you would like to see included.

4) Vote for the recommendations you support by clicking on the "Vote" box on the right of the respective line.

The tool asks for your name for the steps, please add so to allow us an overview on the group of experts sharing their opinion.

Pros and cons
3.2 Facilitate teacher and support staff training in the creation, adaptation and use of OERs.
by LangOER team

Marit Bijlsma, Elina Megalou, Susanne and 1 more

3.4 Collaborate with other institutions and stakeholder in stimulating community of practices for OER.
by LangOER team
Invite/train LUL/RML educators to share their finest teaching & learning material digitally with ... more
by Anne-Christin Tannhäuser
Anne-Christin Tannhäuser
Marit Bijlsma
3.3 Implement quality standards for sustaining OER.
by LangOER team
Quality standards might also be an obstacle for teachers to produce more OER. Might have they ide... more
by Marit Bijlsma
Without quality standards on the other hand, OER can have a different 'status'in the school curri... more
by Marit Bijlsma
Giulia Torresin
3.1 Develop and implement a strategy for OER, in particular addressing quality OER for grades, degrees and diplomas.
by LangOER team