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What topics/concepts would you be interested in learning about at ACCESSE19?

Follow these easy instructions to give your input on ACCESSE19 topics.

1) VOTE for the topics you are interested in seeing at ACCESSE19.
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Pros and cons
Leading change/change management: Step by step process or method on getting change through your association

Louis Guerrazzi, Joy Davis, Jeff Newman and 37 more

Ways To Earn Loyal Event Attendee - Making your event the "must attend" choice every year
Attendees' budgets continue to get tighter. When their budget will allow only one meeting a year ... more

Elena Gerstmann, Diane Cline, Louis Guerrazzi and 32 more

Engaging remotely - how to connect with staff and members known mostly as a name on email or voice on the phone; for both staff and volunteers
This is becoming a way of doing business, staff working remotely, and is likely here to stay. It... more
Member engagement

Anonymous, Elena G, Diane Cline and 31 more

The Future of Learning
how people learn, where and when they convene, how they consume information/educational material,... more
How people want to learn is changing to some degree....with the great crew change in generations,... more

Anonymous, Louis Guerrazzi, Erin Dalder-Alpher and 29 more

Work smarter, not harder --- what does it look like?
When the CEO says “Work smarter, not harder. Focus on getting the right work done” what does that... more
"Working smarter not harder" to me is not a function of doing the right work but doing the work i... more

Elena G, Jeff Newman, Karen Murray and 25 more

Engaging members with multiple ways to get involved with content creation
In addition to learning about the tools, would also like to learn a strategy for making the tool(... more
by Tony Giometti

Erin Dalder-Alpher, anonymous, D Snow and 25 more

Member Value Proposition: Matching Services to Member Demand
Including a component on how to effectively make the business case for proposed services would be... more

Janet Hedrick, Mike Norbut, Charity Quick and 23 more

Strategies for working effectively w/ volunteers

Anonymous, Diane Cline, Stephanie Orvoine-Couvrette and 22 more

The successes and challenges of trying new creative event formats and concepts.  
We all want to deliver impactful, memorable experiences.  Which ideas work best for STEM conferen... more

Stephanie Orvoine-Couvrette, Jeff Newman, Jeff Kahn and 21 more

Capturing and monetizing content

Janet Hedrick, Erin Dalder-Alpher, Anonymous and 21 more

Diversity and Inclusion: How to develop and implement an action plan
This is really important. D&I can't just be something we say...it has to be something that we DO.... more
We've talked about this until we're all sick of it. Talking about it more won't make change happ... more
That last comment is a cop out. You do not get past biases. We all have biases. It is a human con... more
"Mapping your privilege means recognizing that talent and potential are equally distributed, but ... more
Indeed, bias is often hidden. In addition, we tend to have an affinity for people who THINK like ... more
This would be great not only from an internal staffing perspective but also from a membership per... more

Elena G, Joy Davis, Mike Norbut and 18 more

The Future of Work (inside our associations and for our members)
It would be great to have a real futurist talk about the future of work.
by Elena G

Elena G, Joy Davis, Anonymous and 17 more

Do's and don'ts of working with member volunteers: Teaching volunteer management
by Leigh Ann Runyan
This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks high potential employees encounter in entering associ... more

Anonymous, anonymous, Louis Guerrazzi and 16 more

Leadership development for members and volunteers
Critical for volunteers given the unique nature of their work.

Anonymous, Anonymous, Mary Williams and 16 more

International Markets/Business Strategy for Entering New Markets
Including does and don'ts, challenges and opportunities, connections to create, how to reach out ... more
by Virginie De Visscher

Joy Davis, Jeff Newman, Jeff Kahn and 15 more

Virtual conference - the many formats and reasons why to consider adding (or NOT) them to your association programs

Jess Kanotz, Charity Quick, Craig Thompson and 14 more

Managing a Virtual Association
Moving from a brick and mortar to a virtual environment provides an association with increased fl... more
This is much in line with working remotely and engaging staff who are all in different locations.
by Virginie De Visscher

Amy Bloomhuff, Anonymous, Ann Williams and 13 more

Digital Marketing to Increase Membership, Attendance, and More!
by Susan Chapman
Digital marketing opportunities continue to grow. How can associations get started with these opp... more

Gina LaBorde, Amy Bloomhuff, Anonymous and 11 more

Reducing gender inequality at scientific conferences: recommended strategies, associations that have successfully implemented strategies and experienced good results?
This is one of the most important topics to ensure that science continues to impact the world in ... more
by Elena G

Elena G, D Snow, Victoria Santo and 9 more

How can CVBs help associations turn their meetings into can’t miss experiences?
How to effectively utilize a CVB in your meeting’s host city.
Too often, associations are almost reticent to ask for support and it's often too late. Knowing a... more
by Virginie De Visscher

Elena G, Jeff Kahn, Marie-Elaine and 8 more

Associations are changing at a rapid pace. What happens when you realize a team member isn’t up for the challenge?

Joy Davis, Amy Bloomhuff, Anonymous and 8 more

Disaster/crisis response planning for your event and association

Craig Thompson, Gloria Cook, Anonymous and 8 more

Environmental sustainability for Operations and Programs
Sustainability is an important topic to many of our members. Our societies can show leadership by... more

Anonymous, Gabrielle Gaston, Tony and 7 more

Artificial Intelligence: What Is It? What should associations do to prepare?
This was discussed during Digital Now. I believe AI has a solid place in standards development, b... more

Paul Hedrick, Tony, Virginie De Visscher and 7 more

How to effectively bring forward new and innovative ideas within the traditional relm of associations
by Virginie De Visscher
When your board/colleagues are traditional and conservative, how to bring forward ideas effective... more

Elena G, anonymous, Anonymous and 7 more

Digital Online Marketing Best Practices
Ways to get attention for my message
by Ed Psioda

Gina LaBorde, Adrienne Mitchell, Victoria Santo and 6 more

Business strategies for scientific journals
Including how to staff to ensure journals can succeed in the current environment, remain relevant... more
What is Plan S and how will it affect scholarly publishing? https://www.scienceeurope.org/making... more
by D Snow

Anonymous, Stacey Burke, Joy Davis and 6 more

Big Data: What does it mean to associations?
by Leigh Ann Runyan
See making sense of big data below.

Rebekah Stacha, Jamie Lourash, Victoria Santo and 6 more

Disruptive Technologies and implications for scientific societies/blockchain
Machine learning, augmented intelligence, especially in healthcare

Jeff Newman, Gloria Cook, Mary Williams and 6 more

Six Principles for Building a Future-Ready Association
by Jeff De Cagna FRSA FASAE
The disruptive impact of our society's ongoing transformation demands that associations prepare t... more

Elena G, Anonymous, Anonymous and 6 more

Conducting an environmental scan: why and how?

Joy Davis, Jeff Newman, Anonymous and 6 more

Broadening audience for conference and events

Craig Thompson, Ann Williams, Joslyn and 6 more

Managing generational differences
Studies show that categorizing people by generation greatly diminishes the ability to see the ful... more
Studies also show test there is a competitive advantage by having different views by generation: ... more
Could this be combined with the topic below: "Working with millennial"

D Snow, C.McCray, Ann Williams and 5 more

Project Management in Today's Association World
by Leigh Ann Runyan

Joslyn, Nicole Boston, Gabrielle Gaston and 5 more

Acknowledging Intersectionality - Practical Ideas for Improving Equity and Inclusion at Nonprofits

D Snow, Anonymous, Anonymous and 5 more

Trends in Attracting and Retaining Association Staff

Vanita Gupta, Kyle Frederick, Anonymous and 5 more

Seeing the future: Starting an association in 2020, 2030, 2040

Anonymous, D Snow, Ann Williams and 5 more

Macro technology trends that will affect how you do business

Anonymous, Joslyn, Paul Hedrick and 5 more

Thinking Outside of the Box to Engage Volunteers in the 21st Century: Is virtual reality something associations should consider? 

Anonymous, Ann Williams, guest and 5 more

How can Associations continue to attract, motivate, retain and keep talented people in competitive environments
by Joe Healy
Having the right staff is the key to moving all important initiatives forward.

Anonymous, Christina Morley, Jamie Lourash and 4 more

Onboarding new Board members - successful strategies and cautionary tales
Does this include guidelines for suitable background/experience of board members? And whom to av... more
by Sharon Lensky

Amy Bloomhuff, Anonymous, Victoria Santo and 4 more

The members of tomorrow: Promoting and strengthening STEM education, especially for girls and underrepresented populations

Anonymous, D Snow, Ann Williams and 4 more

What is Blockchain and how can it impact Associations?
Especially in healthcare associations
by Virginie De Visscher

Gloria Cook, Virginie De Visscher, Chris Peterson and 3 more

Working with millennials: what does it mean when your staff prefer to communicate via text and Slack and never answer their phone?
In my company this isn't merely millennials...IT too, but plenty of others who prefer typing to t... more
by Sharon Lensky
This is so overdone...when will we stop talking about Millennials? How about something on GenX a... more
This sounds like millennial-bashing. It is very relevant to discuss the varied ways of communicat... more

Anonymous, Victoria Santo, Ellen Snipes and 3 more

Leading Cultural Change in an Organization
Would love to see summaries of actual organizations' experience with this - what worked, what did... more
by Sharon Lensky

Joy Davis, Jill Connolly, Anonymous and 1 more

Digital Transformation - beyond the buzz words
by Dave Coriale
We hear the term frequently. We're told it is an important strategic initiative. But, what does i... more

Anonymous, Loretta, Joslyn and 1 more

Making the business case for diversity

D Snow, Ann Williams, Nicole Boston and 1 more

Making Sense of Big Data
by Stacy Brooks
We're retaining so much data through various platforms (e.g., social media), promotional vehicles... more
It seems like new platforms come on the market every month. As we bring new systems, we can creat... more
Jamie Lourash
Mary Williams
HR technology platforms, e.g. HRIS, LMS, surveys, etc.
Jill Connolly
Leigh Ann Runyan
The Library of Congress is adopting a digital-forward strategy.  Does this affect association publishing?
Ann Williams
Kimberly Richardson
Nicole Boston
2018 Workplace Trends: Did these even happen?
I think that workplace trends span more than one year, and progress or not will be difficult to d... more
Ann Williams
Micro credentialing
Rebekah Stacha
Have an author from a popular science/environmental book speak - Big Thirst, Omnivours Dilemma, War on Science
by Lisa Hunter
I find many of these speakers contrived and of low relevance.
Ann Williams
Artificial Intelligence versus Anticipatory Intelligence: What is the Difference and how will it impact Associations?
The 5-Hour Rule: Lifelong Learning
What is Plan S and Open Access? Does it affect your publishing model?
Using marketing automation creatively to improve acquisition, retention, meeting attendance, etc.
Personalizing the member/attendee experience - how it can make an impact of retention and the bottom line
From "Why" to "Why Not?" The Future of Socially Responsible Investing for Scientific Societies
by Rob Olcott
Event Marketing and Data Protection Laws (GDPR, CASL)
by Jeff Newman


Chris Peterson

Thank you!

Thu, Oct 11, 2018