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What sessions should be at Intersect 2019?


On behalf of the Western New York Library Resources Council, we here at Intersect would like to thank everybody who made Intersect 2018: Where Ideas and People Meet! a success! It was awesome to see such great ideas, creativity, and support for a new conference for the library workers of Western NY, and we are excited to announce the beginning of Round One (Idea Submission) for Intersect 2019: The Global Library!

“The Global Library” was a theme suggested anonymously by one of our 2018 attendees, and the committee overwhelmingly approved of this suggestion. There are many ways to interpret what is meant by “global library,” and we want to see your ideas for what this wide-reaching term can encompass. We ask you to consider some of the many directions this theme can apply to, such as (but not limited to):

1. The literal global library - What are some inspirations that can be taken from libraries abroad? What could we learn from our neighbors overseas? How can libraries better help each other today? What does a cross-cultural library look like?

2. The technological global library - How will the Internet and technology serve libraries in collaborative efforts? Can the ‘digital divide’ ever be bridged? What will the future of digitization look like? Access to information should be global, what are the impediments?

3. The global library at home - The library means ‘the world’ to many of its patrons, how can we make that world a better place? The library is a window to the world to many people, what can be done to open that window wider? How can libraries in the US better serve international students and patrons?

4. The global librarian - How can we better collaborate with librarians across different cultures and from different countries? How can librarianship better encourage diversity across the profession?

5. The global library of the future - What do you think the next several decades will be like for librarianship in terms of collaboration, communication, and information sharing? With so much change in process currently, and more on the horizon, what do you think librarianship will look like in 20 years? What about 50 years?

6. Beyond the global library - What issues are ‘globally’ facing all libraries, and what solutions can we pose? What are some universal truths about libraries and librarianship? What impact will climate change and global warming have on the future of libraries?

In short, The Global Library can mean a lot of things; we want to see what your thoughts are, and what the theme means to you. Feel free to use one of these questions as inspiration, or to draw your own ideas for inspiration! Please submit your ideas for workshop sessions, poster sessions, lightning talks, pecha kucha, discussion roundtables, breakout sessions, interactive panel discussions, technology demonstrations, presentations in interesting new formats, and anything else that you'd like to experience at this year’s unconference from the Western New York Library Resources Council Continuing Education Committee. This is our active conference proposal space, it’s also a chance for attendees and presenters to be creative with their content submissions. This is a place for you to express yourselves and explore the changes you’d like to see in our profession -- it’s your opportunity to BE the change!

To Submit an Idea, You Will Need:
1. A short session description of around 200-250 words. Please include what style of session (demonstration, panel, roundtable discussion, make/hack/play, etc), whether this idea is fully-formed or in the works, and whether you are open to working on this with other collaborators. This is your elevator pitch - make it count!

2. An email address so we can contact you if your session is selected for Round 2. If you are selected, you will be asked to give a more detailed proposal for our peer review process. FOR YOUR IDEA TO BE CONSIDERED WE WILL NEED A WAY OF CONTACTING YOU.

Idea Submission: January - April 15
Voting on Idea Submissions Closes: April 30
Invitation to Round Two: May 5
Round Two Final Decisions: June 1
Intersect 2019: October 4, 2019 @ Hilton Garden Inn, Buffalo, NY

Remember: the ideas with the most votes and interaction on the Tricider will move forward to Round Two of our proposal vetting process. To foster attendee participation right from the start, we highly encourage you to vote on the proposals you see here as well. We can't wait to see what creative and wonderful sessions are waiting to be proposed!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mandi Shepp (amanda.shepp@fredonia.edu), Caitlin Kenney (ckenney@wnylrc.org), or Heidi Ziemer (hziemer@wnylrc.org).


The tricision was completed. Here is the result:

Bringing the library to the people: placemaking with mobile, lending and ad hoc libraries
by Barrett Gordon
Looking at simple but effective ways to meet people where they're at, in American cities with inc... more

KC Bailey, Matthew Best, Emily and 16 more

Further ideas

Pros and cons
Create Accessible Websites with the Principles of Universal Design
by David Schoen
I wouldn't be the presenter, but was thinking we can find someone good locally.
by David Schoen
I could ask around, I have an idea or two for unique presenters.
by Mandi
I'd love to present on this. I've done presentations involving accessibility and universal design... more
by Emily Carlin

Matthew Best, Ryan, Bridget and 15 more

Community Science and the Library: Exploring the World Around You
by Veronica Leigh Milliner
Everyone can contribute to science! This session would provide an introduction to community scien... more
Hoping this could be an interactive workshop rather than a straight-forward presentation
I forgot to add my email in the idea section as well. VLM38@pitt.edu
by Veronica Milliner
I would love to see a hands-on component in this workshop, it sounds great!
by Mandi

Roberta (Robin) Sullivan, Barrett, Jan Dekoff and 12 more

Deconstructing Library Jargon for All
by M. Maloney; K. Nichols; B. Sajecki
In an increasingly international environment, librarians must develop new strategies to facilitat... more
Very Useful.
I think this is a great topic. I have often been concerned with the frequent use of jargon in our... more
by Caitlin

Ryan, Bridget, Lucy Waite and 10 more

Extended Reality, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and the Library
by Ken Fujiuchi
How does this new medium change the way people access, preserve, and interact information.
Only if this can add to cultural competency and the aim is forging communities. It should also a... more
I agree with the above; I would like to see the AR/VR experience as an enhancement to the world a... more
by Mandi

Bridget, Lucy Waite, Melissa and 9 more

Practical Ways for Libraries to Be Good Stewards of the Environment
by Heidi
This could be a one-person or multi-person session presenting examples of ways in which libraries... more
I think libraries should be more proactive about creating greener spaces. It should start with ed... more

Emily, Christi, Kathleen and 7 more

Demystifying Wikipedia
by Alie Visser
Become part of the Wiki movement to make open information globally available. Learn about the his... more
I would love to see an interactive component to this workshop, such as a small-scale Wiki edit-a-... more
by Mandi
If we want to run this as an edit-a-thon we would have to make sure we have enough devices for ev... more
by Bryan
There is a person in NYC who did a Wikipedia webinar for us awhile back - Lane Rasberry - he is W... more
by Heidi
NNLM has run edit a thons. We would be happy to help support and to bring devices.
by Kate Flewelling

Emily, Roberta (Robin) Sullivan, Stephanie and 7 more

Academic Library Services to International Students
by David Schoen
International students are an increasingly important part of the student body in many local coll... more

Roberta (Robin) Sullivan, Emily, Bridget and 6 more

Intellectual Property Rights as they relate to global access to information
Intellectual property rights are to foster creative and intellectual development internationally/... more
I don't think we know a lot about intellectual property rights in other countries.
by Ann Tenglund
This is very useful as a presentation, and I would love to see something happen with this topic. ... more
by Mandi
Hello, I proposed this idea, but did not provide a method of contact scmp@buffalo.edu.
by Sarah

Lucy Waite, Stephanie, Roberta (Robin) Sullivan and 5 more

Global Virtual Reference Services
by Ann Tenglund
Those of us who staff Ask Us 24/7 often work with global patrons, either by answering questions f... more

Stephanie, Kathleen, Marie and 4 more

Library Instruction and the Global perspective
by Alan
1. Tips and tricks for teaching students or patrons how to function in a global environment, with... more

Roberta (Robin) Sullivan, Cindy, Valle Blair and 3 more

Globe Trotting Librarian
by Linette Koren
During the 2011-2012 academic year and beyond, I had the opportunity to move to Dubai, UAE to run... more
this is an interesting perspective, and a neat peek at librarianship in a different setting
by Mandi

Roberta (Robin) Sullivan, Amanda, Cindy and 3 more

Think Like an Intern Boot Camp!
by Madeline Friedler
To whom it may concern, My proposal for the 2019 unconference is an interactive workshop titled ... more
This sounds like a great topic!

Roberta (Robin) Sullivan, Mandi, Rebekah and 2 more

Providing Access and Building Relationships with Global Campus Communities
by Susan Mee
RIT has satellite campuses in Dubai, Kosovo and also in Zagreb and Dubrovnik, Croatia as well as ... more
This would be interesting!
This sounds great.
by Bryan
I think this sounds interesting.
by Sarah

Roberta (Robin) Sullivan, Michele, Mandi and 1 more

Take A Chance On Me!
by Rebekah Denz and Madeline Friedler
As former undergraduate interns from the Chautauqua County McClurg Museum, Chautauqua Institution... more

Roberta (Robin) Sullivan, David Schoen, Veronica and 1 more

Paywalls and Accessibility
by Caitlin
This is partly inspired by watching Paywall: The Business of Scholarship. Maybe a discussion of s... more
This is always on area of concern and should be addressed.
This is absolutely relevant! A discussion or roundtable could be very beneficial to breaking dow... more
by Mandi
To promote the concept of a global community of libraries, the American Library Association (ALA) encourages U.S. libraries of all types to form partnerships with libraries in other countries. Partnership can be formal or informal depending on the needs of the participants. Ultimately, developing... more
by Ophelia Morey and Mark Mattson
Roberta (Robin) Sullivan
Exploring Emerging Technologies for Lifelong Learning and Success (#EmTechMOOC)
by Roberta (Robin) Sullivan
Learn about the SUNY Exploring Emerging Technologies for Lifelong Learning and Success (#EmTechMO... more
Roberta (Robin) Sullivan
Sample Idea Submission
by IntersectUnconference
1. In this demonstration, participants will learn how Tricider works for the submission of ideas ... more
This space can be used to voice your opinion in support of a session. If you have a great idea t... more
by IntersectUnconference
This can also be a space to voice any concerns or potential drawbacks to a proposed idea, and is ... more
by IntersectUnconference
Don't Forget to Vote!
GIS Bootcamp! I would love to see this.
by Sarah. scmp@buffalo.edu
Roberta (Robin) Sullivan