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How do we encourage pedagogically sound exploitation of technology in language learning?

Please make your suggestions

Pros and cons
We need to encourage teachers to do more action research and find out how effective the things they try with their students are.
Reading general research by others can only do so much. To really know what works with your stude... more
Tech savvy teachers doing action research could also demonstrate the exploitation of the media th... more
Research is often unnecessary - just use many different methods and let the students sort out wha... more
It's often only when teachers actually experiment with tools in class that they really feel how u... more
by Lucy
Is this the genesis of a collaborative action research project?!
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Will, x, Tariq Hayat Lashari and 23 more

We need to start by training the teacher trainers so that tech can be integrated into trainng courses.
Teacher trainers are among the most set in their ways and resistant to change. Might have to wait... more
Teacher training providers can help make this happen by implementing mandatory PD or incentives f... more
We need to ask undergraduate and graduate students what training they are getting in technology. ... more
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Sue Lyon-Jones, Sue Annan, Scott Thornbury and 14 more

We still need to improve the support an infrastructure within schools and classrooms before we can start to use technology effectively
Agree, but the stumbling block with this is always money; particularly when you are talking about... more
The infrastructure in schools is important, but so many students have their own technology too. A... more
Nothing will change till the coursebook changes
Agree many students have their own technology; however, many schools and colleges seem intent on ... more
If by infrastructure you mean "bandwidth"... YES!!! If by infrastructure you mean the coolest new... more
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Sue Lyon-Jones, Ruslana Westerlund, Nik Peachey and 10 more

We need to show teachers how to adapt existing lessons/coursebooks to incorporate technology.
Yes. Most teachers are still course book dependent, so starting with the course book makes sense.
If we start with course books we will be trapped by out dated methodology that doesn't necessaril... more
This could work in some contexts; however, it doesn't always apply. Sometimes adapting course boo... more
Modern coursebooks come with CDs which should contain tools and programs as well as the usual sta... more
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Sue Annan, Rosemary Schmid, Porntip Bodeepongse and 6 more

We must focus first on how technology can be exploited by students outside the classroom for autonomous learning
Think teachers need to understand at least the basics of using tech first before they can do tha... more
Some students have a lot of experience of technologies outside the classroom and can be motivated... more
I continue to learn technologies from my students, and I teach them the vocabulary etc they need ... more
I agree with both the comments on learning from students and giving them the authority to show ot... more
by Phil Cozens
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Rosemary Schmid, Porntip Bodeepongse, Phil Cozens and 3 more

We should ask our students this question and explore the possibilities with them in group discussions
Students are probably the best people to ask about the possibilities of new technologies on their... more
Think it depends on who you are teaching... a lot of the adults I teach aren't digitally literate.
Our students' knowledge is limited to the thigs they use everyday and quite narrow. As teachers w... more
Many students know how to use tech for limited purposes, but are lost when they get beyond the ev... more
Students really could add so much to this discussion. We could find out what they do outside of ... more
Presenting the goal and asking teams/groups within the class to reach the goal and then explain t... more
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Rosemary Schmid, Paula, Graham Tritt and 2 more

We should be broadening the range of communication genre we include in our syllabus to include digital mediums of communication and basing some of our skills lessons around helping students to communicate in these digital mediums
Most of the writing people do at work is email or chat - even helplines are served by live chat t... more
By introducing IM, email, chat etc as tools and moving to using forums and social webs, the teach... more
We need to learn to let go of the reigns a bit more and encourage students to take ownership of t... more
This is particularly important as we try to bridge the digital divide by providing access and gui... more
Without these skills our students will be limited in their futures.
Too often the focus on technology neglects the focus on WHAT words are used to communicate, and t... more
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Graham Tritt
Martha mason
Ruslana Westerlund
We need to do more research first to find out if it is effective
In order to do research to find out if what we do is effective, we first need to establish some g... more
We can't prove the effectiveness of technology through research, we can only evaluate the methodo... more
It does, though, need to be aligned with a solid theory of language learning, which will be enric... more
Here, research means analyzing the effectiveness of methods. The theory of why it works, often la... more
Effective for who? Learning takes place at a very personal level. (in one person's head.) Might i... more
We ought to be careful about claiming where and how learning occurs, as it's just as feasible to ... more
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Burcu Tezcan Unal
Enter youphil chappellr name
Kate Ghazali
At the start of a lesson, explain to your students why you'll be using a particular technological application. If you can't do that, why are you taking the tech route?
Sometimes it's hard to explain, and "just do it" reaches the desirec competence and also proves i... more
I'm not so sure we do need to explain and justify the tech we are using. Would we explain why we ... more
Why would you not explain? If you can't you might be doing it just for the sake of it.
Still disagree. Sorry. Would you explain why you proposed to use flashcards or teach from a cours... more
'Today we'll use PowerPoint because it's visual and helps us organise our presentation'
Our goal is to teach language and content. We can incorporate technology to help students with o... more
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Adam Simpson
William Simmonds
First we should examine our aims and the learning outcomes students can create to show evidence of their learning. We should be careful to align our assessment and our activities to these aims - then technology offers just one set of tools we can use to achieve our aims. After all, when ball po... more
Adopting new technology to support teaching isn't the same as the emergence of new communication ... more
We shouldn't adopt new teachnologies to support teaching, we should adopt new technologies to imp... more
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Kristina Smith
Stephen Maule
We shouldn't introduce technology in our classroom just because "it's the future." Rather, we should try to follow the ways technology is used outside class and try to imitate its use in class - "Use it for what you use it for."
It depends on why the students are in class. Most of my students are good at all the illegal thi... more
Most of my students are good at gaming (if young) or office software (if older) and need little i... more
Digital Natives will soon outbalance Digital Immigrants
Digital Natives don't know any other way
We shouldn't be stereotyping learners as 'Digital Natives' or 'Digital Immigrants'. We should be ... more
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Kate Ghazali
Along with learning technical skills and their applications, we really need to attach some principles of use. Skillful (and mean-spirited) Photoshopping, for example, is one reason some won't allow their pictures in public spaces. Enemy #1 the Plagiarist uses technology, and so on.
Rosemary Schmid
We need handy tools (on web pages, sorted perhaps by a pedagog. classification) ) which evaluate the users' progress and report it (anonymously grouped and individually for users). The proof of a methodology or a tool is then self-documenting.
This doesnt really help us with authentic materials and authentic websites or web 2.0 tools which... more
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Graham Tritt
Model and cot each