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eTwinning project - STEAM - Portugal

Pros and cons
You can use Kahoot (https://kahoot.com/) to make funny quizzes.
by s
The comment was by Walid Seklafi & Samuele Hasa

Laura Becerro, Chiara Marini, Sharon Chukwurah and 10 more

Hi, here my idea: you should make quizzes containing different topics from those studied at school. Students will have to make researches to answer and therefore they will improve their mathematical knowledge.
by Alessandro Miccio

Matilde Germini, Eleonora Bardhi, Alessia Sulkaj and 2 more

Create problems where the solution is different places in the world.
by Laura Becerro
Judith Eitor
Hi, here my idea: older students can make quizzes for the younger ones. In this way, they play the role of teachers!
by Ivan Locchi
Laura Becerro
Uxia Filgueira
Create an "Uno" game with on the cards calculations
by Titouan Crenn
Noor Pani
Sofia Antonelli
Hi! At the end of your project you can create medallions for the first,second and third classified,while for all the others you create them with the name of your priject! Thanks
by Giulia Barlozzi e Valeria Moretti
Hi! At the end of your project, you can create medallions for the first, second and third classif... more
by We have corrected some mistakes...
My idea is to create a game with different levels of difficulty where to access to the next level you have to passed the previous one.
by Matilde Germini
Hi, make an app with your quizzes. In this way, everybody can use it and improve their own knowledge of mathematics!
by Margherita Vatavu
Make the competition with numeric tablet

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