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Which discussion technique(s) would you like to practice at the next meeting? (February 9)

Pros and cons
Critical Conversation protocol (chap. 22)
by Noreen
I'm very curious to see if this could work in a graduate class dealing with skill development (wh... more
I like this one because it really dives in and it seems like it could be useful in a number of si... more
by Jayme Jacobson
The only problem is that it seems like the set up would take a while because we have to model it ... more
by Jayme Jacobson
I use a modification of this technique in one of my leadership classes. It's my students favorite... more
by Audrey
If we do this, I would be happy to be "storyteller." I have a teaching challenge that I think mi... more
by Jen

Brendon, Mark Anthoney, Jane Snare and 3 more

Chapter 21: Participation Rubric
by Jennifer Albright
For younger students, Freshman and Sophomores, they seem to have not really exercised the muscle ... more
I appreciate the point that superb participation includes careful listening. If others are intere... more
by Jane Snare
I like Jennifer & Jane's ideas - we might not all end up with the same rubric, but it would be go... more
Jane Snare
Jen Sorensen
Mark Anthoney
Chapter 8: Snowballing
by Jayme
I'm suggesting this one just to model how Tricider works. However, I do think this is an interest... more
We don't have that big a group so there wouldn't be that many levels.
by Jayme

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