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Which discussion technique(s) would you like to practice at the next meeting? (February 23)

Pros and cons
Chapter 7 Rotating Stations. In a class of 30 I at least 5 students say they are too anxious to participate in large group discussions. They do participate in small groups, but students are tired of small groups so I wonder how to get students with severe anxiety to engage in discussion. I'm not ... more
by Harriet Phinney
I'm kind of partial to the Cocktail Party since it sounds like fun and I always find play effecti... more
by Jayme Jacobson
I'd like to try cocktail party. It does sound like a nice change of pace for stressed and anxious... more
by Audrey
I think either the rotating stations or the cocktail party sounds good. Different. I've been ... more
by Jennifer

Dung, Jennifer Albright, Audrey and 2 more

Chapter 21: Participation Rubric
by Jenifer Albright
For younger students, Freshman and Sophomores, they seem to have not really exercised the muscle ... more
I appreciate the point that superb participation includes careful listening. If others are intere... more
by Jane Snare
I like Jennifer & Jane's ideas - we might not all end up with the same rubric, but it would be go... more
Jane Snare
I'm curious about Methodological Belief (Chapter 34). I'm mostly interested in seeing how it operationalizes and in what ways it might be used beyond the ideas shared in the book.
by Audrey Hudgins

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