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Fest Forward

Pros and cons
by Mira Bangel
Science4Sustainability brings together social entrepreneurs, in need for experts to develop or im... more
I had my idea for a social enterprise whilst doing a PhD back in 2013. Apart from a few specific ... more
by Eddie Capstick
This is just a great initiative to create a better world and bridge the gap between science and s... more
by Luc Van Poelje
Doesn't this voting system suffer a bit from making already popular/ well known about projects ev... more
by Luke Hilarity Flegg
Anything that helps bridge the gap between science and people is good in my book. I've been a sci... more
by Clem Stanyon
My best wishes to this unique initiative. I firmly believe Science4 Sustainability is a powerful ... more
by Danish Khan
In a world where talent and expertise are hijacked by money and big business, we should encourage... more
by Tumbleweed
I´m a biologist and would love to contribute to social initiatives. Great initiative.
by Lukas Brinkmann
I believe - and so should everyone - in the necessity of projects like this for our future.
by C.

Jalim, José Manuel González, Jan and 659 more

by Marie-Emmanuelle Ferri , Romain Minod , Nancy Ottaviano , Rubén Salvador Torres (projet referent)
Our mains subjects are : -Direct access to clean energy in the public space, independent of the ... more
Fabulous project! Lets all support this idea!
by Renato de Freitas
Love the idea of electricity outdoor
by Carla Avellanos

Tirana guilat, Hub, Henri Loustalan and 650 more

by Vanesa Ortiz , Bethany Garcia , Amanda Meurer , Stephanie Simon
There is a hidden crisis happening every day all around the world: It is estimated that tens of m... more
This is a modern, world wide issue that affects, in my opinion, even more the so called developed... more
by Madalena Pires

Gurung, matilde, Estelle and 8 more

Magma Nova
by Elise Elsacker
With our community of biologists, bio-engineers, material scientists, makers, designers and archi... more
the base of all others domains... is the materials not another plateform. Let's restart from the ... more
by Nico
much-needed solutions for an important problem.
by Joris Depouillon
Magma Nova brings Circular Economy and real collaboration and Open Source mindset together, we ne... more
by Thibaud

Pascal, Esther, Thibaut and 58 more

by Boris Sirbey, Christine Marsan, Marie-Pierre Dequier, Philippe Decrat
CollectivZ is a concept that brings together a web application and human support to achieve its g... more
Promoting cooperation around the world, facilitating spreading ideas and open contribution projec... more
by Christinemarsan13
Great initiative for a much needed change the world operates
by Pascal

Dominique PINTO, Donatienne, Laurent and 51 more

by Ahmad Abu-Omar , Leila Collins
Women in Palestine are responsible for the majority of unpaid work, from childcare, to cooking, t... more
This is a great initiative as it helps women in conservative societies get an extra income by doi... more
by Ahmad

Mariam, Anna Niemi, Ryan Bonnington and 86 more

by Ralph Boeije
Why would organizations and individuals need Part-up? When people have the freedom to choose wha... more
A platform for the future of work. Decentralized and run by peers. We need that!
by Philippe Honigman
It's not just the app that's innovative & promising, the people behind Part-up.com are inspired, ... more
by Luke Hilarity Flegg
Part-up is not just the next generation of amazing Swarm Resource Management platforms. Part-up i... more
by Laurens Waling
Peer-to-peer, decentralized work opportunities stand to remake our rigged & broken economic syste... more
by Bill Rice
This tool supports our vision on working as a professional in the new economy
by Irmgard Bomers
Part-up is a great way to combine online and real0life activities with help of social media.
by Zeaforus
A great instrument for working in new teams and making quick progress in projects
by Sladjana
Getting things done by people who are inspired! It's here: Well done Part-up!
by John de Reus
Future proof connecting and organising, it's great!
by Miriam Wesselink
Part-up is the marketplace for decentralized organizing. I love their concept.
by Wijnand

Dmitry, Gabriella de Reuver, Richard Lesser and 735 more

by Clément Flipo , Pierre Boutet
We are creating a platform that is versatile for the documentation of both: simple low-tech proje... more
Wikifab is the most promising documentation project I've seen in the OSHW field, serving the comm... more
by Sam Muirhead

marie-Hélène, cats, Matti and 237 more

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