The best logo for my team is... (plants experts)

The tricision was completed. Here is the result:

by SK Peter S., Samvel S.
Great logo!
by Al Kleana.M
Its a very good logo, we like it so much because its so colorfull and original.
by es1-ángel.navarro es1-dácil.rodriguez
This logo is very good! I like them, because it's creative.
by PL Marlena
It's a great logo. You're talented in drawing.
by PL Igor
I like this logo because it's simple but interesting.
by PL Natalia
This logo is simple and inspiring curiosity.
by PL Wiktoria
It's very interesting logo!
by PL Nikola
I like this logo because is simple but interesting, the person who made it, is so talented. It is... more
by ES1 Ángel Navarro
I like that! you didn't use internet pictures
by claudia c

CZ Jana Hozova, es2 david cid, verónica and 17 more

Further ideas

Pros and cons
by CZ Štěpán B
I have voted to this logo because I think it is very colorfull and original. I like it!
I like this logo ,because is simple and original.
by es2 Alfred Bertin Ciurea

CZ Stanislav Hanák, CZ Miroslav B., es2 Alfred Bertin Ciurea and 3 more

by CZ Tomáš K.

CZ Stanislav Hanák, ES2 Jorge F., Al Gesjola and 1 more

Our idea for the logo
by PL Nikola Z. Natalia G.
I think your logo is nice,clear and original.👍
by PL Julia
Petar S.
PL Igor S.
PL Julia
My logo
Al Gesjola
cz Štěpán B.

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