The best logo for my team is... (geology/landscape experts)

The tricision was completed. Here is the result:

logo by ES1
by eTwinner
is very original :)
by Nayara F
it's so beautiful and represents all the ecosystems
by es2 Beltrán.Téllez
i like this logo because is very beautifull
by Laura

es2 david cid, es1 Nayara F., es1-nichel.sosa and 12 more

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Pros and cons
logo by PL
by Artur and Łukasz
In my opinion this is the best logo!
by PL Marlena
In fact this logo looks wonderfully.
by PL Igor
I think this is a fascinating logo.
by PL Natalia
I think this logo is unusual and creative.
I think this logo is the most creative.
by PL Nikola
I like this logo more than the most voted
by claudia c

PL Artur, PL Nikola, PL Łukasz and 10 more

logo by ES2
by Javier C., David C.
In my opinion i think this is the best logo because is simple and functional.
by es2 jesús.gomez
I think that this logo is simple and original.
by es2 Alfred Bertin Ciurea

CZ Jana.Hozova, SK Samvel S, Es2 Jeus Gomez and 6 more

by by SK Karolina S., Miroslav W.

CZ Š. Kranz, Sk Samuel H., Sk Miki Andhelyi and 2 more

by Al Xhoana Coga
is very beatiful
by es1-Álvaro,es1-Eleazar
From my point of view this is the best logo because it´s very nice, original and creative and it... more
by es1-Álvaro
i´m voting this logo because it is very beautiful and creative. It represents all the beauty of t... more
by Es1-Eleazar

CZ Š. Kranz, Es1-álvaro,Es1-eleazar, Al Gesjola and 1 more

Geology landscape team logo
by CZ Šimon K
Al Gesjola
cz Štěpán B.
SK Peter.S

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