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Propose to do a 20-30 minute session on TTT for 03.24.2021

Pros and cons
Creating “highlight reels” to build confidence in oral presentation
by Jo Paraiso
Students create multiple audio recordings of poetry reading over a span of a few weeks/months in... more
I think Kiran Chaudnuri did some work like this too. Maybe a connection here? I'll ask her
by Paul Allison
Sounds fun!

Jake, Peggy, Stephanie and 4 more

Conversation about testing with NYC teacher and educational activist, Jake Jacobs, who just had an article about Biden and testing published in the Progressive
by Paul Allison
Biden Is Reigniting the Movement to Oppose Standardized Testing https://progressive.org/publi... more
Jake is planning to join us.
by Paul Allison

Janet, Angela, Peggy and 4 more

The USvsHate Project
by Janet Ilko
#USvsHate (“us versus hate”) is about embracing inclusion and justice for all in our diverse sch... more

Reed, Jessica Hernandez-Speer, Beth Rimer and 3 more

CUB (Classic Upward Bound) and SAT/PSAT Skills
by Harry Brake
I gave students a list of some of the skills that the PSAT Language and Writing test assesses - t... more
by Harry
This might fold into a conversation about summer camps that people are doing with youth.
by Paul Allison

Jessica Hernandez-Speer, Chris Sloan, Niki Fayne and 1 more

Sam Reed talking about his use of mentor texts by former students on NowComment
by Paul Allison
The idea for this came up at the end of TTT on 03.17. and Sam said he would come this week.
by Paul Allison
Paul Allison
Social scholarship
by What are ways I can get students collaborating on their research topics? via NowComment collections
Maybe this would take just a few minutes and it could be part of an invitation to start with devo... more
by Paul Allison
Paul Allison

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