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This is what tricider offers you

tricider is easy and simple. But there are so many features to make your questions shine.

Free of cost and without registration

Collect ideas

Unlike common surveys, everyone can add ideas to a tricider question.


There is good and bad in every idea. All particpants can add arguments to ideas and discuss them.


Particpants finally vote for ideas and you agree on the best solution in no time.


Forbid adding new ideas, restrict number of votes, etc.: Advanced users can tailor the questions to their needs.

Invite participants

You decide who can see your question. Only invited participants can take part. No one has to register.

Status updates

Let tricider keep you posted via e-mail if something exciting happens to your questions.

Spam protection

There is an extra spam protection for public questions. When activated, only authentified users can participate.


Your not limited to words to describe your ideas. Use pictures and links to express yourself.


Set a clear deadline and ensure that your discussion comes to a good end.

Pool of participants

If you have a general question, you can address the whole world! Publish your question in the Public IdeasSpace and let users from all over the world brainstorm with you!

Admin Rights

If you create a question, you can edit and moderate it.

Post to Facebook, Twitter, etc...

With one click, you can post your question to Twitter, Facebook, etc. Your participants will do the same and the question goes viral.

Embedden in Blogs

Every question can be embedded in a blog or website as a widget. ItĀ“s as easy as embedding a youtube video.


Turn your question into an idea contest. Hand out your own products or use our Amazon voucher service. Awards are viral fuel for your question!

Optimized for smartphones

Your question renders beautifully on smartphones.

With registration (free)

Manage your questions

All your questions in your personal dashboard. No need to save admin links anymore.

Make corrections

When participating in a question, you can later correct your own ideas, arguments and votes.


Find all your long gone questions in the archive.

Coming soon...

Send messages to other participants

Password protection

You can add a password to a question. Then every participant must enter the password before he can even see the question.

Advertisement free

All questions that you create do not show any advertisement.


Data transmission between participants and tricider is as secure as online banking.

Your logo and design

Make the question really look like your question. Add your own logo and background theme.

Export to excel

Export your question to a well structured excel document.

tricider analytics

Exciting background information on your questions: Which countries are your participants from, when did they answer it and more...

Result charts

Let tricider paint a beautiful graph with the result of your question.