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Social voting tool for

Ask a question and invite friends or colleagues.
Collect ideas and vote for your favourite.

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eine geniale Sache


sehr praktisch und unkompliziert


sehr effizient


simple y ágil


really useful


impresses via its simplicity


cool service


genial servicio


Easy decision making. Creative and collaborative.

Collect ideas, discuss and vote. That's how tricider works. Your team will make decisions faster without meetings or calls. Innovative solutions arise because everyone can contribute ideas and vote. Whether with friends or clients: taking advantage of all the opinions and ideas to find the best solution has never been easier.

Free and no registration.

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tricider for Teams

Brainstorming and Voting in Teams. Get group decisions made online - easy and free.

Find the best solution by involving your friends, colleagues or clients.

A feedback session with customers or the decision on the new logo. tricider is the easiest way, to gather all opinions and ideas. It´s brainstorming and voting, all in one and online! Even hard decisions can be easy with tricider.

Free and no registration.

Save time - discussing and voting online.

tricider is easy to use. In less than a minute, an online discussion is opened. This saves a lot of emails and phone calls. tricider is perfect for preparing meetings - or even to replace them completely.

Brainstorming without limits

Whether you want to collect ideas for best location for the next team event or vote for the new name and logo of your product: tricider provides the right features for any kind of question. You can vote for any kind of ideas, text, pictures or even links. Online and very easy to use.

That's what others say

simpel und genau deshalb sehr effizient

Heise Computer Magazin

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una ayuda para las decisiones en grupo

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ideal candidate to be used for reaching a consensus

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a really useful service [..] you will see how natural and comfortable everything feels

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sehr praktische und unkomplizierte Lösungen, kreativ umgesetzt


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Tricider [..] este genial servicio


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makes group brainstorming on any topic really easy

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Eine geniale Sache!

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Ein super Tool!


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tricider for Blogs

Engage your readers. Collect ideas, discuss and vote on any topic.

Bring your blog to life

Have the engaging discussion right on your blog. Embed a tricider widget on your website as easy as a youtube video. Completely free and no one has to register. You can let your readers participate in idea discussions, votings and brainstorming. It's your own little crowdsourcing.

Free and no registration.


More than a survey

Polls are nice. But voting alone is a bit dreary. It gets really interesting when readers contribute their own ideas and start debating. But not as unstructered as in comments. tricider is the tool for the finest user-generated content. Fuel for the next blog post.

Attract new readers

An exciting question will be spread by your readers via Facebook and Twitter. If you turn it into an online contest with little rewards, even more readers will recrute their friends to vote for their ideas.

See how Bloggers use tricider

deutlich strukturierter [...] alles schön übersichtlich

Peer Wandiger | Selbständig im Netz

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Ich bin begeistert

Philip Biel | Eye for Spirits

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Eine geniale Sache!

Stefan Hagen | PM-Blog

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Interaktiv - näher am Leser. Wieso ist man darauf nicht früher gekommen?!

Alex Koob | Offenes Blog

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einfach bedienbar und cool

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Die Resonanz war umwerfend!

Ralf Roesberger | Neulich im Garten

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tricider for Education

Brainstorming and Voting in Classes and Seminars. Online, easy and free. Let everyone participate.

More fun with creative surveys

tricider is a foolproof tool for querying knowledge, as structure for discussions and feedback on the course's topics.

Free and no registration.

See what real teachers say about tricider

a very digestible and powerful way

Nik Peachey, learning technology consultant

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a fantastic tool in the classroom

Kate Liston

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a great tool for interacting with the students

Amelie Silvert

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more than just a polling tool

Rhondda Powling

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a more convenient way to engage a new generation

Meral Cinar

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makes your life easier

Burcu Kaya

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very useful for illustrating democratic decision making


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tricider for Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing for everyone. Easy to set-up, fun to participate. Brainstorming and Voting with your clients and fans.

Find solutions you would never have dreamt of

Unleash the power of social networks and let the whole world come togther to solve your problem. You can set up your crowdsourcing campagne within minutes. It has never been easier to get loads of opinions and new ideas. Your clients and potential customers will love this new way of brainstorming and voting online.

Free and no registration.

Multiple channels to attract innovators

Where to find the best ideas or potential customers? No need to limit yourself: use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, E-Mail or Google to spread your question. Set up various points where people can find your crowdsourcing campagne: your blog, your website, your Facebook fan page or even the tricider Public Ideas Space. One fishing-rod with many hooks.

Let the crowdsourcing games begin

It's no secret: If there is something to win, we all put on a bit extra effort. But why not? Just add some small rewards to your question and give way for a brainstorming storm of great ideas.