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What is tricider?

Tricider is a free brainstorming tool to make easy decisions with your friends or work mates.

It offers a platform on which people can brainstorm together and find solutions even if they're scattered around the world.

Everyone can propose ideas either anonymously or with his/her name. So nobody has to be inhibited and creative and versatile ideas will be collected.

What should we buy for Nicos birthday?

How to promote our new product?

Where to go for the next trip?

These are all possible questions, and they are far from being the only ones.

How can I make a decision?

Just enter your question. Then invite your friends and let them collect ideas and arguments.

Pose an open question and collect new ideas.

Schedule an event and let the participants vote for your suggestions.

Or just propose yes and no.

Finally everyone votes for the best solution and the result is visible. Brainstorming easy and fast.

How do I invite participants to join the decision?

Inside the Admin box you'll find the link to invite participants. Send it via mail, post it on Facebook or tweet it.

Who can see my tricision? Are they public?

If you don´t invite anyone, no one but you can see the tricision. You can send around the link or post it to Facebook or Twitter etc. Then people can find your question. You also have the option to make a tricision public. Then it will be shown on tricider.com/crowd and everyone will be able to see it. This cannot be undone.


How do I protect arguments and question?

It's your choice whether you would like to enable everyone to edit everything or if you want to protect ideas and arguments from being changed or deleted.

Therefore you get a separated admin link which allows you to change or delete things. Try not to change limit too much. Free flow of ideas is key to brainstorming

How can I stay up-to-date and be notified about changes?

Just enter your email and we'll inform you regularly about new contributions, even if you're not the admin.

Am I able to set a deadline?

Yes, click on "Show more options" beneath the admin box and set the time limitation. Participants will not be able to post new ideas and vote after the deadline. You still need to end the brainstorming and select the winner idea manually.

Am I able to stop the Idea collecting and the voting?

Yes, inside the admin box you are able to stop and restart both.

Do I get a result?

Click on the "End tricision and show conclusion" button within the admin box. Now you can see the result and send it to the participants.

Can I delete tricisions?

After you ended a tricision, you can choose wether to archive the tricision or to remove it.


What is myTricider?

You can register for your myTricider account. It shows you all your tricisions at a glance. In addition you are able to edit, stop and remove your questions. You can also edit your input in questions you participated in. In order to do that, you need to be logged-in at the time you enter your input.

What does myTricider cost?

myTricider is free for everyone.

How can I register?

The easiest way is to use the Facebook or Google Login-in. You are signed-up with just one click. But you can also enter your name, e-mail address and password into the register-box. Of course all your data will be treated confidential and will never be given to others.

Embedding tricider - all the fun on your page

What does this mean and why should I embed a tricision?

You can embed a tricision on your web page - excactly like you add a video from YouTube. Your visitors can then add ideas, discuss and vote directly on your site. That makes your page more vivid and you can get in contact with your visitors. You will see how much more fun and interesting that is than an old fashioned survey.

Where do I find the code to embed a tricision

Create a tricision and you will see the admin box. On the right side, where it says "Invite others" you will find the link that gives you the code.

How do I include the code in my website or blog?

The embed-code is a html snippet. You can paste it directly into the html of your website. If you have a blog, there should be a html-tab in your editor. You can paste the code directly there.

How can I change width and height of the tricision on my site?

The embed-code contains two parameters: width='600' und height='500'. Change the numbers to alter the size. It is measured in pixels.

Tricisions with rewards

What are rewarded tricisions?

Rewarded tricisions are normal tricider questions, with the only difference that the participants can win something. You can advertise a reward for each question. This increases the motivation to participate or to invite friends to your tricision.

How do the reward for the most voted idea and the drawing among voters work?

These awards are intended to make your tricision attractive for all participants. It rewards good ideas as well as participating in the voting process. This is a motivation to come up with creative ideas and to invite friends to vote. This option is ideal if you want to make sure everyone in a closed group is voting or if you want to promote your tricision so that it spreads around in social networks. Both prizes are given by the tricider system automatically at the end of voting. One idea that has been gathered the most votes by all participants is chosen. Therefore, in such a tricision it is not possible to vote twice for the same idea. The second prize will be drawn from all who have at least cast one vote. For which idea the vote was given or how many votes were given, is not important.

How do the special jury rewards work?

The prices of the jury are there to reward additional ideas, which were very good, but may not have received the most votes. The jury - in this case the creator of the tricision - determines before the start, how many special prizes he wants to give. When the entry period has ended and the question is completed, he will select the ideas that he wants the reward. He has 10 days to do so. Shouldn’t he choose any ideas, the system automatically selects the ideas. Then the number of votes for each idea is used as criterion. Shouldn´t there be enough ideas to give out all rewards, there will be a drawing among all participants for the remaining prizes.

How can I participate and how do I recieve a reward?

To participate you just have an idea or make a voice at a premium issue and leave a contact address. This is done through Facebook Connect, Google login or specifying user names, email address and password. These data are not passed to the organizers of the question, or third parties. We need them to contact you and can ensure that no one tampered with the poll. The username needs to be a real name, however you can use a pseudonym when giving an input. You can change it at any time. It will be on display at various locations. Your email address and other data will never be seen. Participation is absolutely free and no obligation to purchase or similar. The terms and conditions are for each extra bonus question again stated for future reference. Should have informed you won, you will by e-mail.

How can I create a rewarded tricision and how do I pay?

You can turn any tricision into a rewarded tricision. In administration box you find a link to reward the participants. There, you can make the settings. You can pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal. The payment is handled through PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account. The one making the payment is considered the organizer of the rewarded tricision. His name is mentioned on the site of the rewarded tricision.


What is myTricider?

myTricider is a set of extra features that you get after your login. These are 1. SSL-encryption 2. your own logo and wallpaper for your tricisions 3. an optional password protection for a tricision and 4. special live-statistics for your question. You can find more information here.

How do I add a password to a tricision?

If you open a tricision as an administrator you will find a button that says "advanced settings". There you can specify a password. It is only valid for that question. You can check if it works by clicking on the link for other participants!

How do I add my own logo and wallpaper?

This is easy: Just upload your logo and wallpaper. This is done on your Profile Page. All the new tricisions will automatically have your logo and wallpaper. In each tricision, in the "advanced settings" you have the option to deactivate your logo and wallpaper for this particular tricision.

Do you have any futher questions? Help us to expand the FAQ and write us!