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The tool

tricider is a free brainstorming tool for easy decision making with friends or in a team. Different people from all across the world come together at one platform to collect ideas and find solutions.

The participants of a brainstorming are able to propose Ideas, to evaluate and to vote structured without the need to be at the same place.

Less mails, meetings and calls. Tricider is the tool when it comes to getting consensus in difficult questions or just deciding where to go for lunch.

In addition the mytricider account offers the opportunity to have all your questions in one view, to edit, end and remove them.

The Story

tricider was born out of personal needs. Nico and Stephan just wanted to ease the decision making inside their company. Soon amazed friends called for a public version. Since then tricider is brought to you directly out of the berlin backyard.

triciders development is orientated closely to the users needs. Bloggers are using tricider to interact with their readers, educators are brainstorming with their students and companies are collecting their customer’s feedback.

That way tricider grows to a crowdsourcing tool with whom you are now also able to award a prize to the best idea. Overwhelmed by all that positive response we are looking ahead exited.

The Team

tricider was founded by Nicolas Graf von Kanitz and Stephan Eyl. They have several years experience as management consultants and entrepreneurs. Inspired by everyday management problems they developed tricider.

tricider in action - expamples from real users

Some users post their questions to Facebook or Twitter. These questions are open for anybody. Provate questions for presents, dates or locations are not public and can not be presented. Find here some interesting and funny examples of public questions:

How do we encourage pedagogically sound exploitation of technology in language learning?
Teachers asking Teachers

What should we call our "Happy Hour"?
A restaurant in Dhubai asks his customers

What is your favorite dog character and why?
A teacher's question on "dog day"

Welche Bücher sollte man als Projektmanager/in gelesen haben?
A specilized blog asking its readers

Was wünscht Du Dir für Themen bei der dotnet Cologne 2012?
A conference asking attendees for input

Was soll der LOOXIS Konfigurator können?
Aksing customers on how to improve the product

Welche Themen wünschen Sie sich für den Treffpunkt KulturManagement
Survey among participants of an online meeting

More coming real soon...



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